Supporting Business Continuity

Our Response to COVID-19

Even in times of crisis, you can’t afford to put your business on hold.
We’re committed to keeping you connected and communicating, whether you’re on the front lines of the pandemic or quarantined and working from home.

For Our Customers

It’s been our commitment all along to make sure our customers stay connected, no matter what. We want to make sure you’re taken care of during this unprecedented time.


Get the most advanced telecommuting functionality with our UC-One Application Suite. Communicate and collaborate remotely through file sharing, chatting, screen sharing and video conferencing. Cisco has generously provided us with additional accounts to share with our community in need.

Call Forwarding

Are you working out of the office and unable to access your business phone? With our call forwarding feature, we’ll make sure that all of your business numbers forward over to a reachable number, so you and your team will never miss an important work call.

Audio Conference Bridge

We’ll provide you a complimentary conference bridge that will provide you and your employees 24/7 dedicated access. It’s always on and can be accessed from any phone. Use it as much as you like for HD conferencing and remote meetings.

Data Hosting

In the event that your IT staff is unable to fulfill their responsibilities, we’ll keep your applications and services going by hosting your servers in our fully-redundant, Tier III data center. Just bring them to us and we’ll handle it free of charge.

Auto Attendant

Don’t let physical restrictions keep you from receiving calls. We’re offering a cloud-based automated receptionist solution (IVR) that will provide your latest announcement information and route callers to another number. You can stay up-to-date and in contact from home.

Data Center Bandwidth

With everyone tied up at home, internet speeds are sorely lagging. For our current data center customers, you can also scale up your bandwidth at this time for no additional cost. Keep your business-critical speeds even if your neighbor is on Netflix 24/7.

Keeping You Connected

There’s no doubt that this pandemic has thrown us all for a loop. Workplaces are empty, schools are closed and any sense of normalcy has been completely disrupted. We’re here to make it easier. These solutions are specifically built to enable your remote work. So get in touch and we’ll make sure your teams are empowered to keep working — even if it’s from the couch, the living room or the dining room table.

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