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MPLS Solutions

MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) meets the need for communications solutions that work for individual sites while improving efficiency across all your locations. Our flexible, secure networking solutions, offer reliability, value and improved collaboration.


Fully-meshed private network for max efficiency.

Data flows securely and directly between sites. New locations added are automatically connected to the network, making features, applications and updates easy to implement. Plus, you can optimize hard-to-reach site connections with TelNet SD-WAN.


Optimal quality and availability delivered.

Traffic is prioritized to ensure that time and bandwidth sensitive applications (e.g., voice, streaming media, data) take priority over less critical ones. Class of Service (CoS) ensures applications are optimized on the network based on your business application needs, improving service delivery.


MPLS/VPN takes your security seriously.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are secure within general Internet traffic. With MPLS, traffic is assigned labels to determine how it’s routed and prioritized through the core network, keeping your traffic isolated and secure. TelNet MPLS/VPN is like having custom delivery service through your own private cloud.


Redundancy and diversity for disaster recovery.

Avoid failures, bottlenecks or congestion. Your fully-meshed MPLS network maximizes your options for redundancy and network diversity. It provides an automatic data recovery solution where your voice and data traffic can be readily diverted and rerouted.


MPLS is your multi-location powerhouse


  • icon_75Fully-meshed network
  • icon_77Expert network design & configuration
  • icon_54Class of Service (CoS)
  • icon_43Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • icon_33Designed to work with your firewall(s)
  • icon_19Several network firewall options
  • icon_1024/7/365 NOC monitoring
  • icon_82Available VPN
  • icon_84Service reporting tools
  • icon_74BYO & TelNet bandwidth options
  • icon_66National carrier footprint
  • Symmetric, full speed up/downloads
  • icon_28Fully managed & monitored
  • icon_45Optimize with TelNet SD-WAN
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