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TelNet Voice PRI

Get clear, reliable connections and the convenient voice features you need to improve efficiency of your PBX. TelNet Voice PRI delivers quality voice channels for inbound and outbound local, long distance and toll-free voice service.


Flexible, reliable voice services add clarity and direction.

Get more from your PBX! Caller ID with name and number, direct inward dial (DID) numbers and hunting are among standard features that enable your business to be more productive. OfficeEdge Essential service with PRI combines quality voice and high speed Internet for greater value. IP-PRI can be delivered through TelNet’s bandwidth or through your current provider’s bandwidth.


Managing multiple outbound lines on a PRI has never been easier.

TelNet PRI’s optional two-way DID/DOD service enables both inbound (DID) and outbound (DOD) calling. It is a good option if you have multiple tenants or otherwise require unique and separate treatment or delivery of calls to specific phone numbers.


Automatically reroute calls for maximum efficiency and continuity.

Your customers never need to know you’re super busy. The optional trunk group overflow feature sends traffic from one TelNet PRI trunk group to another when the first is full. And with the PRI Redirect feature, calls can automatically be directed to another phone number in the event of a service interruption.


We’re known for fast, flawless installs and excellent ongoing care.

We are committed to deliver the best possible customer experience. Every day. PRI is very popular, so our skilled technicians will get you up and running smoothly, quickly, without disrupting your business. Then, count on our 24/7, US-based customer care team to provide outstanding ongoing support.


TelNet Voice PRI delivers


  • icon_45Up to 23 clear & reliable channels
  • icon_44No addl equipment; connect to PBX PRI card
  • icon_20Caller ID, call forward, hunting & more
  • icon_21DIDs – Direct calls to the right resource
  • icon_43Bill multiple numbers separately or as one
  • icon_05Trunk can overflow/redirect to any number
  • icon_19Cost-saving calling plans available
  • icon_67Added benefits with OfficeEdge Essential and IP-PRI.
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