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SDN Solutions


SDN Solutions

Software Defined Network (SDN) solutions, such as TelNet SD-WAN, enhance service while making it easy and economical to change and scale. With TelNet SD-WAN, you can combine diverse connections to optimize your network, boost performance and ensure quality.


Class of Service across diverse connections.

Pre-determined Class of Service (CoS) options provide high quality delivery of your most important data across all your combined connections. Intelligent packet-level distribution ensures critical applications are not dependent on the uptime of a single connection.


Bandwidth combined for more available service.

The sum is truly greater than its parts with TelNet SD-WAN. By combining the bandwidth of multiple connections, TelNet SD-WAN improves network resilience and performance. Upload and download speeds are combined across all the connections for higher speed and improved availability.


Easy to bump bandwidth and add connections.

TelNet SD-WAN is very flexible. You can seamlessly add diverse connections, (e.g., cable, fiber and T1,) to your service as you expand. It is an excellent solution for growing businesses with multiple locations, or those that simply want to optimize what they’ve got in the Cloud.


Encryption options provide security for your sensitive data.

You can easily add an extra layer of security to your network with our low cost, highly effective encryption option. TelNet SD-WAN encryption provides security for your important data over the Internet.


Combine connections with TelNet SD-WAN


  • icon_80Multi-line architecture with single IP
  • icon_56Protects against single provider outage
  • icon_55Per packet load balancing
  • icon_36(N+1) Line Flexibility
  • icon_53Secure encryption option
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