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Millions of users have jumped on the Microsoft Teams bandwagon this year. And who could blame them? With meeting, chatting and collaboration capabilities brought together on a single application, Teams serves as the perfect antidote to our work-from-home woes. But there’s one problem: it doesn’t come straight out of the box with full calling capabilities. Sure, you can call your coworkers, but you can’t call anyone outside of your organization. And that’s where Direct Routing comes in. If you’re interested in learning more, download our Complete Guide on Direct Routing.

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Why Direct Routing?

Constant Access

No matter where you’re working or what device you’re on, you can access all of your communication needs all in one place: calling, chatting, video conferencing, collaboration.

Real Privacy

If you have to use your cell phone to make work calls, your personal number isn’t really personal, is it? Direct Routing connects your business number to Teams so your personal number stays dedicated to friends and family.

Full-Feature Calling

Whether you’re calling a vendor, a customer or your favorite pizza delivery place, you know you have to communicate with individuals outside of your organization on a daily basis. Direct Routing makes this possible.

Stop juggling communication platforms.

Why go from Slack to Google Docs to your desk phone? There’s no reason to ping pong from one platform to another, when you can do it all in Microsoft Teams. Download our Guide to find out how to make the most of your favorite communication platform today!

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