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As a courtesy to our customers, we strive to provide news with relevance to their services. Recent efforts were focused on helping customers understand and comply with recent legislative changes to requirements for enhanced 911 (E911) services. Enhanced 911 services automatically identify and alert authorities with the location of a 911 call. When there are multiple phones in a large building or campus, simply indicating the street address of the main phone number may not provide enough information for responders to find the caller promptly.

GOOD NEWS: Deadline to comply was extended to 2016

As reported in December, 2011, there were changes in requirements for E911 service impact businesses.The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) put new rules in place on October 20, 2011 requiring that multi-line telephone system operators, (businesses maintaining a phone system with multiple phones and supporting more than one telephone line,) maintain phone systems that are capable of providing details of the specific location within their operation (including, but not limited to suite or floor number) from which a 911 call originated.

Now, per Michigan legislature, the deadline to comply with the new rules was extended to December 31, 2016. (House bill 4683, pending Governor’s approval). This extension provides time for businesses to understand and implement what is required for their specific business to comply.

Requirements add assurance and security. The new measures, which now are to be implemented by 2016, were adopted with a goal to locate 911 callers more quickly, minimize property damages, ensure safety for employees and save lives. Essentially it means that by 2016, your phone system may be required to notify 911 operators of the floor number, suite number, office number, unique description and/or other location specifics to identify the location of a specific caller, in addition to the street address associated with each phone line. The level of detail you will be required to provide depends on size and structure of your location or locations as specified in the MPSC ruling. The MPSC may provide further guidance on requirements in the future. (See MPSC ruling for details)

As a service to TelNet customers we will continue to update this web page with further clarification and changes provided by the MPSC or other regulatory organization.

If you have any updates to your E911 location designations for TelNet-provided services, you may use our convenient 911 update form as follows:

1 Download the following TelNet 911 location update form (as an Excel file).
2 Fill out, save and email your completed form to 911updates@telnetww.com.
3 We will update your E911 location information in our systems.
Please note: you are also responsible for any equipment changes required to ensure compliance. (Example: You may need to have your equipment vendor update your phone system’s out-pulsed phone numbers to ensure proper identification of 911 calls.)

At TelNet, we understand the importance of providing reliable access to E911 services and the tools to keep your location data current.


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