Cloud Contact Center

Enable Your Remote Agents

Provide a better customer experience (and make your life easier) with TelNet's Cloud Contact Center. This cloud-based solution makes it easier to manage and distribute incoming calls to available agents, and acts as a virtual traffic controller for your business phone system.

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Improve Customer Experience

Handle calls more efficiently and effectively so customers never hear a busy signal. Customers and staff save time by avoiding voicemail and phone tag.

Promote Your Brand

Record custom messages about product availability, in-store hours or current promotions. These messages could answer frequently asked questions or promote new products.

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Work From Anywhere

Agents can work, chat and make calls from home, in the office, or anywhere in between through their deskphone and  the Webex desktop application. 

Key Features to Grow Your Business

Call Distribution

The queue will know which agents are available and distribute calls accordingly.

Agent Phone Access

Sign in and out of queues via the deskphone or Webex app.

Automated Attendant / IVR

Customize call flow to route to various departments or queues. Set up alternate routing for after hours and holidays.

Call Presentation

Present incoming call information to agents and differentiate queue and personal calls with distinctive rings.


Upload custom announcements and music on hold. Play periodic messages to alert callers that agents are assisting other customers.

Advanced Call Routing

Controls are available to automatically handle overflow conditions, bounced calls, stranded calls, emergency forwarding, etc.

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Cisco Webex Integration

The Webex application empowers you and your team to work from anywhere, on any device. Facilitate more effective and efficient communication and collaboration between supervisors and agents.

Constant Contact

Instantly connect with team members through voice, video or chat

Easy Integrations

Combine our Cloud PBX offering with Cloud Contact Center for a unified experience

Helpful Resources

Create dedicated Spaces for problem solving, tips and tricks and FAQs

Enhance Your Customer Experience with Cloud Contact Center

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Is Office Right for You?

Office is a calling-only package that provides HD voice on IP-enabled desk or conference phones. Office is intended for organizations who don’t use our collaboration software or perhaps use another collaboration platform and want to add voice.

Is Mobile Right for You?

Mobile is for organizations whose employees are on the move and do not need a chat platform or to host meetings. The package provides mobile calling. If softphone calling capabilities are all that is needed, our mobile package is your ideal solution.

Is Meetings Right for You?

Meetings is intended for organizations who are totally replacing an existing collaboration platform or adopting their first platform. Meetings includes calling features plus Webex, which is a full-featured collaboration suite that includes many remote and hybrid work functions.

Is Premium Meetings Right for You?

Similar to Meetings, Premium Meetings is intended for organizations replacing or adopting their first collaboration platform. Premium adds enhanced Webex features, including presenter controls and higher participant counts, making it ideal for bigger organizations who host large webinars or meetings.