Cloud PBX

A Next-Gen
Voice Solution

Our Cloud PBX solution offers the advanced voice service you need in today’s digital world. Take the expense and frustration out of equipment maintenance, upgrades and service changes and get the efficiency, flexibility and value your business deserves.


Enable communications across voice, fax, messaging, meetings and more by providing a unified communication experience tailored to your business needs. Leverage over 50 classic and next-generation communication and collaboration features.


Stay connected no matter what with our built-in business continuity feature. If calls are prevented from completing at your site, they are automatically redirected to another phone or location.


Get big-business advantages, even on a small budget. Experience long-term value by keeping your cloud-based PBX up-to-date without the costly investment in easily-outdated equipment.

Cloud PBX Pricing

Starting at
Per month / user
Starting at
Per month / user
Starting at
Per month / user
Unlimited Calling within the US
HD Voice
Enhanced Huntgroup
Auto Attendant
Enhanced Huntgroup
Meet-Me Conference Bridge
Voice Portal
Calling only mobile and desktop app
Unlimited digital fax
Full UC-One app
File sharing
Video meetings



The UC-One Application Suite is a complete unified communications solution that will improve workers’ ability to communicate effectively and efficiently, thereby increasing your business’ competitive advantage.

Digital Fax

Advance your communications and safeguard your business with a next-generation fax solution that is web-based and fully-secure. Our Digital Fax offering is HIPAA-compliant, so you can send and receive sensitive information with confidence.

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Cloud PBX FAQs

If your business is ready to adopt the most advanced VoIP solution, Cloud PBX is right for you. It’s perfect for organizations that want a seamless voice experience and minimal installation interruption (it can be configured virtually).

With all the industry lingo associated with PBXs, it’s easy to get confused. Luckily, this one’s not complicated — Cloud, Hosted and Virtual are all synonyms, so no matter which term you use, they all reference a PBX based in the cloud, rather than your telco closet.

In order to make the most out of Cloud PBX, it’s important to have an internet connection with excellent quality of service (QoS). If you’re not sure if your internet meets this requirement, we’ll take a look at your network to make sure it’s good to go. If there’s an issue with QoS, we will assist you in addressing them. We can implement a dedicated internet connection for voice traffic or set up SD-WAN for internet monitoring and failover.

Trying to determine whether Cloud PBX or SIP Trunking is right for your business? We’re happy to help. We’ll discuss your budget, current configuration and communication requirements to determine the optimal solution for your organization. Give us a call to get the conversation started.

VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol, which refers to any digital means to send voice data over IP, whether it’s through a protocol or through software. Cloud PBX is a specific type of VoIP, which transmits voice data through a digital PBX.

By upgrading your on-premise PBX to the cloud, you no longer have to deal with confusing configurations, maintenance issues, service contracts or equipment failure. Plus, you get many advanced telephony features and benefits:

State-of-the-Art Features
•Call Forwarding
• HD Call Quality
• Caller ID
• Extension Dialing
• Common Directory
• Voicemail
• 3-Way Calling
• Auto-Attendant

What if you could take your business phone with you? You can with our desktop and mobile unified communications app, UC-One. All communications tools are right at your fingertips to quickly call, message and meet with co-workers – no matter where you are.

Your business phone number is presented on all devices, ensuring your personal privacy.

Business Continuity
Never let another disaster interrupt your business. With Cloud PBX, you can set up a failover, which will forward all your calls in case of emergency.

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You might’ve heard the term “PBX” thrown around by IT, but have you ever wondered what it is? Learn what a Cloud PBX is and how it impacts your business.

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Make the switch to the cloud and ditch your analog phones.

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Make the Move to the Cloud

The majority of IT infrastructure will be cloud-based by the end of 2020. It’s time you make the move, or risk getting left behind.

Make the Move to the Cloud

The majority of IT infrastructure will be cloud-based by the end of 2020. It’s time you make the move, or risk getting left behind.

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