Add the power, productivity and flexibility of SIP to your IP-PBX

SIP Trunking


OfficeEdge SIP Trunking

An IP-PBX is a powerful tool and considerable commitment for your business. Maximize use and unleash your system’s full feature functionality with TelNet OfficeEdge SIP Trunking. It is the foundation for deploying innovative applications now and into the future.


Stay in step and maximize opportunities.

Converging your local/long distance voice over Internet service optimizes the efficiency of your network resources. It also allows you to consolidate resources across multiple locations to simplify and improve your return on investment. Upgrades and new features are easily implemented across all your locations.


Buy just what you need, when you need it.

Gain flexibility! When your company grows, TelNet simply configures additional SIP call paths on your existing connection. (No need to buy service in fixed increments as with a traditional voice T1/PRI.) Plus, our optional SIP Bursting feature ensures there’s never a busy signal, even during peak times.


Be prepared to stay in business if disaster strikes.

Supplement your critical disaster recovery plan with our built-in business continuity feature: If something prevents calls from completing at your physical site, calls are automatically redirected to another phone or location. Don’t let weather, a fire, line cuts and other disasters keep you from your callers.


The power of one reliable source can be powerful indeed.

Imagine the ease and efficiency of managing one voice and data network, receiving one bill, from one provider, and engaging one very competent point of contact for all your local, long distance and broadband Internet needs. With TelNet you get it all.


Improve productivity and efficiency


  • icon_81BYO Bandwidth or TelNet can provide
  • icon_75National carrier footprint
  • icon_77Symmetric, full speed up/downloads


  • icon_21E-911, Operator & Directory Assistance
  • icon_10DIDs/DODs available
  • icon_09Toll-free services
  • icon_08Basic directory listing
  • icon_20Caller ID with name and number
  • icon_41SIP Bursting – covers peak calls
  • icon_72Digital Fax – get faxes online anytime
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