SIP Trunking

An Affordable and Reliable VoIP Solution

Maximize your business communications and value with SIP Trunking — a modern cloud-calling solution where you only pay for the lines you need, without investing in a new PBX.


SIP Trunking allows you to converge local and long-distance voice over your internet service, optimizing the efficiency of your network resources. No longer do you have to pay for those costly long-distance calls.


Purchase only what you need, when you need it. As your company grows, configure additional SIP call paths on your existing connection. There’s no need to purchase service in fixed increments as with other traditional services.


Experience the ease and efficiency of managing your voice solution with our user-friendly SIP Portal. Our SIP Portal allows anyone to customize and expand sip lines, allowing IT to focus on more important tasks.

Did You Know?

Our SIP Trunking solution is Mitel-certified! Our service has passed all performance, interoperability and quality assurance tests to ensure interoperability with Mitel’s PBX equipment. If you have a Mitel PBX, let’s talk about maximizing your investment with SIP.

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SIP Trunking FAQs

SIP is ideal for companies of all sizes. It’s easily customizable whether you need a simple configuration or complex routing and redundancy between multiple locations.

A PRI delivers voice over a copper circuit in increments of 23 channels at a time. SIP Trunking is a VoIP solution that delivers voice data over an internet protocol. Unlike PRI, you’re able to customize the number of lines to maximize your savings.

SIP Trunking also includes many features including HD audio, E911 and call forwarding as compared to TDM-PRI, which is standard definition and limited in features.

  • Service Management Portal
  • Call Forwarding Options
  • Emergency Services (E911)
  • Call Data Records

With SIP, you’ll see costs more in line with your usage since you’re able to customize the number of lines you need. Plus, SIP is easily scalable and manageable with our SIP Trunking Portal. It allows you to configure your lines manually, whether you’re adding an additional line or expanding your location.

Your need is based on your use case. If you don’t know how many trunks you need, we will happily assist you with a network assessment to determine your best configuration — and if you already know how many you need, then we simply take a step out of the migration!

To get started, you can reach us via our contact page or give us a call at (800) 974-4800.

Sam Explains SIP Trunking

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