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Enable Cloud Calling for Microsoft Teams

You love the flexibility and efficiency of Microsoft Teams, but you need the robust calling features of a traditional phone system. No worries! Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams gives you the best of both worlds.

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Cost Savings

Stop paying for PBX hardware and decrease your total cost of ownership (TOC) with Microsoft Teams and Direct Routing. Not only do you save on equipment, but TelNet charges by the trunk rather than the user — providing 50-70% savings over Microsoft Calling Plans. Plus, you can guarantee continuity with the flexibility and reliability of the cloud, so business never stops.


Direct Routing enables carrier-grade cloud calling and PSTN access to organizations leveraging Microsoft Teams as their primary collaboration platform. Use one simple interface for all of your communication and collaboration needs, whether you’re communicating internally or externally, in the office or on the go.


By centralizing all communication and collaboration within a single platform, users have continuous access to calling, chatting, meeting and collaborating from any device. And thanks to its native integration with the rest of Microsoft 365, users can make the most out of Microsoft’s collaboration tools from any location.

Direct Routing Pricing

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Microsoft Certified SBCs

Now that you’ve invested in Microsoft Teams, you want to make sure that your voice service is fully compatible with the platform. In order to ensure interoperability, we utilize Session Border Controllers (SBCs) that are Certified for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing through our technology partner, Ribbon Communications.

Direct Routing FAQs

Direct Routing works with a Session Border Controller (SBC) to connect to Teams and enable SIP Trunking, which is provided by your Communication Service Provider (CSP). After the full implementation, calls can be placed and received through the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

To get started with Direct Routing you’ll need:

• A Microsoft Phone System license. This can be purchased directly from Microsoft or through a Microsoft Partner of your choice
• SIP Trunking that’s MS Teams compatible from your communication service provider

It depends. You can’t use just any device; it has to be Microsoft Teams compatible. So you can purchase one if you’d prefer, but it isn’t required. Microsoft’s user-friendly softphone is more than sufficient for most users and you can connect it directly to your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Yes! After verifying your Teams licensing, we’ll handle the installation process, provide training and free 24/7 US-based support. To further simplify your process, we’ll help you port all of your current phone numbers and provide all of the SIP Trunking features you need.

Generally, Direct Routing winds up being less expensive than investing in and maintaining a premise-based PBX. Direct Routing runs at an operating cost (month-to-month) as compared to purchasing a PBX upfront and maintaining it, which is a capital expense. So, with Direct Routing, you pay monthly for your MS Teams seats, just like you do for your Netflix account.

It’s also worth noting that TelNet charges per trunk rather than per user. So while you have to pay an additional $12 per user to implement cloud calling with Microsoft Calling Plans, you only pay a fraction of that with Direct Routing. In other words, while Microsoft’s Calling plans require one-to-one usage (each employee must have their own dedicated call path at all times), TelNet allows for a one-to-many model where users share call paths.

Direct Routing has the same features as our standard SIP Trunking solution, such as:

  • e911: Enhanced 911 is a service that automatically delivers a caller’s location and call-back number to emergency response teams.
  • Call Forwarding: A feature that lets you forward calls to a different phone number.
  • Automatic Failover: A business continuity feature that redirects calls automatically to another phone number upon failure to connect the call to the original number.
  • CNAM: Short for Caller ID Name, CNAM is the caller ID displayed with an incoming call.
  • Management Portal: A web-based platform for service management, which can be accessed via desktop, laptop or mobile device.

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Cloud calling is an essential aspect of today’s business functions. And for businesses running on Teams, Direct Routing can save between 50-70% on monthly costs over Microsoft Calling Plans. Want to learn more about our features, plans and pricing? Fill out the form below to get a free, no obligation quote today!

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