SMS / Business Text Messages

Elevate your customer experience with SMS.

TelNet Unified Communications with Webex

Business Text Messaging or SMS provides a faster, less intrusive way to communicate for quick 1:1 communication.

Why add SMS to your business communication?

Business Text Messaging or SMS helps you: 

  • Unify your communications by adding SMS into your existing business numbers
  • Improve response rates
  • Give customers flexibility to respond without hold times
  • Improve appointment reminders, confirmations, support answers and more

Meeting customers where they are

Universal Format – 97% of Americans have a phone that can receive text messages.

Preferred by Customers – 70% of consumers opted to receive texts from businesses, in 2022.

Used By The Majority Of Businesses – Over 50% of businesses use text messaging to communicate with their customers. In 2022 text messaging for businesses grew 27%.

Improved Responses – SMS has a 98% open rate when used for business communication.

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A Unified Solution Built for Mobility ​

Integration – SMS / Webex integration and login authentication. Call, chat, meet, collaborate, and text from a single application.

Person to Person – Conversational 2-way SMS from any of your business users.

Group Text – Reduce back and forth by using group texts where everyone can respond and see.

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