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IP-PRI delivers high quality voice over your high-speed internet access in a single, smart package that adapts to your usage. It’s time to make the most of your digital phone system and maximize network efficiency.


TelNet SIP to PRI Hardware

This device is responsible for the operation of an IP-PRI, serving as the gateway between SIP and PRI. As you can see below, we deliver a SIP trunk to the TelNet provided hardware, which converts the signaling to PRI so you can make and take calls from your PRI-based PBX. Choose between Static or Dynamic device configuration options to tailor the solution to your business’ needs.

ip pri
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Build on your existing PBX investment and leverage your current PRI-capable equipment for a cost-effective VoIP solution. By powering your PRI connections through your current internet connection, you’ll optimize your bandwidth across the board.


Cost-effective and flexible, this voice solution offers significant cost savings and easy scalability with a pay-per-path model. You don’t have to worry about adding lines in fixed increments; you simply pay for what you need.

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Get high-quality, reliable voice connections every time. You no longer have to worry about service issues due to aging infrastructure — you’ve replaced copper with IP. IP-PRI modernizes your legacy system so that your business thrives in the digital era.

Enhance your calling experience today.

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