What is Digital Fax?

Did you know that on average an ink cartridge will only print around 220 pages of paper? And with ink cartridges costing a hefty $20-50 each, that’s an expense that adds up quickly.

Digital faxing is one of many cloud solutions that will help cut your costs and streamline your process when you need to send critical, time-sensitive documents. 

What is Digital Fax?

Digital faxing is a method of electronically sending a fax document using the internet. Inbound faxes are delivered directly and privately as files you can view in a personal web-based fax portal or emailed directly to your inbox.

A Brief History of Fax Machines

When fax machines were first invented, they were built with a scanner, modem and printer. The fax machine would scan the document you were sending over, and transmit the data in pulses over a phone line via a modem. This would transmit the fax data to the other end, turning the pulses into images, which would be printed. 

How Digital Faxing Works Today

Today, digital faxing is quite a bit simpler than a traditional fax machine. A digital fax machine will utilize the internet to send data, allowing for faxes to be transmitted both to a fax number or through email, depending on your recipient’s fax configuration. 

There are two ways in which a digital fax can be sent. The diagram below shows how digital faxing works when sent from our web-based portal to a traditional fax machine. When you send a fax from our portal, that fax travels from the internet to a phone line, where it reaches your recipient’s fax machine.

fax portal to fax machine diagram

We also offer the option to send a fax from our web-portal to email (see below). This method utilizes the internet and goes straight to an email address instead of a phone line to send a fax.

fax portal to email diagram

And while the methods of digital faxing have made sending documents easier than ever before, it also includes many advantages and features as compared to a traditional fax machine.

Digital Faxing Benefits

No More Fax Machines

Forget long lines in the copy room and abruptions in productivity. With digital faxing, everyone in the company can have their own private fax number — or you can assign numbers so that faxes are routed to an email distribution list. There’s no more worrying about sensitive documents sitting on the public fax machine or being picked up by mistake.

Web-Based Portal

Send and receive faxes as easy as 1-2-3. We feature a user-friendly, web-based portal with a responsive interface. Our portal can be accessed across various browsers and internet-connected devices. Plus, within our portal you’ll have intuitive search capability as well as self-service administration and configuration. 

digital fax portal

Remote Capabilities

With faxing becoming digital, there’s more freedom than ever to work remotely. Our digital fax solution is available anywhere you have access to a laptop or mobile device and the internet. Just sign into our web-based fax portal and you’ll be able to send and receive faxes. 

There’s even a fax-to-email option so you can see faxes coming your way instantly through your inbox. 

Increased Organization

If faxing is a critical component to your business, chances are you have more than you can keep up with. Our portal offers many search options to quickly locate faxes. Easily search and filter by date range, fax number, status or even custom tags.

Greater Security 

No more faxes sitting in the fax tray for others to stumble upon. TelNet Worldwide’s Digital Fax is HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOC compliant. All faxes go through an encrypted document exchange with advanced perimeter defense and are backed by the Google Security Model. This is especially ideal for industries like healthcare and financial services, which frequently deal with sensitive information.

Lower Costs

Everyone is looking to make the most out of an investment. With digital fax, you’ll start seeing savings right away. There’s no need for a fax machine with a dedicated phone line and maintenance. With our digital fax solution, we take care of service updates. Plus, you never have to pay for expensive ink and toner again. 

Fax with Confidence

With digital faxing, you can leave behind the hassle of a physical machine and send faxes at a moment’s notice. We’ll provide a customized faxing solution that fits your needs.

And if you’re not completely ready to transition to digital fax yet, our optional Digital Fax Bridge Adapter moves all your machine faxing into your IP network — so every fax you send and receive becomes an electronic file and is securely delivered.  

Lauren Bronston

Lauren Bronston

Lauren is a Content Writer and SEO Specialist for TelNet Worldwide. When she’s not diving into data centers or SIP Trunking, Lauren writes TV scripts and builds music playlists for fun.

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