Team TelNet Spotlight: Gary Ameye

Gary Ameye, Product Manager, TelNet Worldwide

Gary Ameye Personifies “Why TelNet”

It takes a team at TelNet Worldwide to develop our products and services. 

A mission-critical person in the process is Product Manager Gary Ameye.

We sat down with Gary recently to learn what he does, what he likes about his job, and how his talents help TelNet customers succeed.

“Gary is always willing to jump in and work on a project without being asked to do so. He will pick up projects he knows need attention and work on them.”

Filling a Mission-Critical Role at TelNet Worldwide

“I am a product manager at TelNet,” Gary says. “We are responsible for anything and everything related to Cloud PBX, Cloud Contact Center, TelNet Unified Communications with Webex, and Digital Fax.”

“The products we develop help customers communicate and collaborate both internally and externally. These are mission-critical products that all businesses and organizations need and use on a daily basis. We continue to enhance our products with new features and capabilities.”

Gary exemplifies “Why TelNet.”

“Gary is always willing to jump in and work on a project without being asked to do so,” says TelNet Product Development Director Sam Price. “He will pick up projects he knows need attention and work on them.”

Roots in Technology and With TelNet Worldwide

Gary has roots in the technology industry, as well as with TelNet Worldwide. He was an original TelNet hire. He is a true source of insights.

“I previously worked with Mark and Pete Iannuzzi at an engineering consulting and software development company,” Gary says. “After Mark Iannuzzi started TelNet, I jumped on board and dove into the telecommunications industry. This was a complete industry change and significantly different than all my previous jobs. I have since spent over 21 years with TelNet as part of the product development team.”

“Gary has always been good at setting a goal and sticking to it,” says Peter Iannuzzi. “He and I used to weight train together. We would get to the gym at 6am before work. On leg day it would be especially intense as the weight would get as high as 540lbs. Gary uses that same attitude and is never afraid of the work it takes to realize a goal.”

Milestones and Proudest Moments at TelNet Worldwide

What does Gary like about TelNet? “I like the freedom to develop new things and drive change. Being able to identify, develop and implement proposed solutions,” he says.

“One of my proudest accomplishments has been Cloud PBX feature development and automation. Connor Madek and I worked on a new automation for our UC products. We achieved a significant milestone of being able to automate baseline provisioning of both group services and 100+ users late on a Friday. We were so pumped up, I said to myself something I never thought I would say in my working career: ‘I can’t wait to get back to work on Monday!’

“I was so excited and couldn’t wait to show others at TelNet this new automation capability. This and automation for other products is now an integral part of our overall provisioning process.”

“Gary has so much working knowledge about TelNet’s services and is always coming up with ideas to improve what we deliver,” says Connor Madek, TelNet Product Developer. “His experience has been invaluable to me and the rest of the product team. He has the vision to take things over the finish line.”

Still Excited, Still Motivated, Still Inspired

Gary has been around telecommunications a while, but he still gets excited about his work at TelNet and how TelNet products help customers. Every day is a new challenge. And every challenge is a new motivation. “Our Cloud PBX product lineup has been completely refreshed over the past year with many of the latest model desk phones, conference phones and headsets,” Gary says.

“We worked with Yealink to develop a single button park and pickup capability, which makes public hold/transfer work with a single button press, similar to how some traditional phone systems and Key Systems are used.”

Family First

Away from work, Gary enjoys spending time with his family, which includes his wife, three children, and two grandchildren. He is a dog lover, enjoys good food and loves sports. As a lifelong football fan, he is happy beyond belief with the success the Detroit Lions are having this year.

Amaye Family
Ameye grandkids
Jerry Fraeyman

Jerry Fraeyman

Jerry Fraeyman is TelNet's marketing manager.

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