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An Analytical Mind and a Passion for Skating

In the bustling world of telecommunications, data is king. At the heart of TelNet Worldwide’s data-driven decision-making is Julia Dolce, a Data Analyst whose work is pivotal in steering the company towards efficiency and reliability.

Julia is also an accomplished national champion figure skater.  Discover how she combines her passion for facts and her passion for figures (as in figure skating) to stay inspired.

A Day in the Life of a Data Analyst

Julia’s day-to-day responsibilities are as intricate as they are essential. She manages and processes both internal and external commissions, ensuring that every figure is accurate to the last decimal. Her comprehensive analysis of commission data and reports is not just about crunching numbers; it’s about painting a picture of the company’s financial health and forecasting future trends.

Beyond analysis, Julia also plays a crucial role in acquiring and displaying data for reporting purposes, making information accessible and understandable for stakeholders.

The Customer’s Champion

At the core of Julia’s work ethic is a commitment to the customer. She diligently ensures that payments are made on time and with pinpoint accuracy. When discrepancies arise, Julia is there to answer questions, conduct audits, and resolve concerns swiftly. Her efforts are a testament to TelNet’s dedication to maintaining trust and credibility with its clientele.

Team Triumphs and Personal Pride

Under Julia’s analytical guidance, her team has celebrated significant milestones. They’ve successfully implemented price changes on products and reduced the review period for monthly commissions, leading to greater consistency and predictability. For Julia, the best part of her job is the camaraderie and talent within her team. The blend of hard work and friendly collaboration makes every achievement that much more rewarding.

Challenges and Growth

Despite the joys, Julia’s role comes with its challenges. Notably, she finds it difficult when she can’t see a problem through to resolution due to the nature of her position. Yet, this challenge fuels her drive to improve and innovate within her analytical domain.

Julia’s Journey to TelNet

Julia’s path to TelNet was paved with curiosity and ambition. Open to exploring various industries, she sought a challenge in an unfamiliar field. With degrees in Mathematics and Business, she aimed for a position that would allow her to indulge her love for both disciplines. Julia was drawn to TelNet’s values and vision. The amiable work environment and company culture at TelNet resonate deeply with Julia. She cherishes the supportive atmosphere, where hard work is balanced with genuine support from colleagues.

New Systems, New Achievements

Julia’s proudest moment at TelNet was the transition to a new commissions system. It was a period of growth and learning, where she made critical decisions and embraced the unfamiliar with open arms.

Life Beyond Numbers

Julia’s life outside of TelNet is as rich and varied as her professional endeavors. Growing up in Downers Grove, Illinois, she moved to Michigan to attend Adrian College and now resides in Livonia, to be close to her fiancé, Mitch, who is attending dental school. Julia is the eldest of four sisters, with two still in Illinois and one in Pennsylvania. Her family remains an important part of her life, and she cherishes the time spent with them.

Beyond her professional and athletic pursuits, Julia has a variety of other interests. She enjoys singing, dancing, painting, and has recently taken up golf. A lover of card games, she always carries a deck of cards and enjoys playing euchre with friends and family.

A Passion for Synchronized Skating

Julia’s real passion is synchronized figure skating, a sport she has been involved in for nearly 20 years.

Her journey began when a coach noticed her skating potential and invited her to join a synchronized skating team. Julia quickly fell in love with the sport and has achieved noteworthy success, including a national title, along with multiple national and international medals.

“I love skating not only for the fun programs and competitive nature of the sport but for the feeling of being home no matter where I am. Every rink I step foot in never fails to bring me peace and ease,” she says.

Julia has represented Team USA for five years, competing in Great Britain, France, Italy, Croatia, Switzerland, and Austria.

“One of my proudest moments in life was being a part of the inaugural season for the division I competed in last year, Senior Elite 12 in synchronized skating. This division was created and competed internationally with the hopes of eventually achieving Olympic inclusion for the sport.

“I am so proud to have been a part of a historical season and hope one day in my lifetime I can watch synchronized skating in the Olympics.”

We can’t wait to watch, either.  

Jerry Fraeyman

Jerry Fraeyman

Jerry Fraeyman is TelNet's marketing manager.

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