Team TelNet Spotlight: Lily Suau, Software Developer


Technology can make life infinitely easier, but there are people working hard to ensure that it runs smoothly. From the developers who keep systems running securely and efficiently to customer service reps providing seamless support solutions, reliable communication is crucial to every successful business or organization’s foundation. Our team ensures your communications experience keeps pace with changing needs. We provide tools designed uniquely for each client because no two businesses have the same requirements. 

Behind the scenes, an incredible team of people brings reliable and secure communications to your work life. Without their hard work, you wouldn’t be able to collaborate with colleagues or stay in touch with customers like a pro! 

Meet Lily Suau. Lily is a software developer at TelNet Worldwide. Much of Lily’s time is spent developing new features and improving usability on our customer portal.

What does a software developer at a telecom company do?

“As a software developer, I bring a set of fresh eyes into the telecommunications experience, which helps me bridge the gap between our technical systems and the users who work with our products every day. 

One of my top goals for our customer portal is to improve the everyday experience. There are many micro-moments where we can reduce clicks, speed up information input and delivery, and make small things less frustrating through technology.

We are always looking for ways to make it easier for our customers to manage their accounts. Sometimes that is as simple as adding filters on large tables (such as 1,000+ telephone numbers) to find results more efficiently. Sometimes it is adding visual cues like color coding to make it faster and easier to see your account information. 

We also work hard to ensure you don’t have to leave the portal to connect to other features, like when you submit a ticket to our support team. When you submit a ticket, you can see your support tickets alongside your account management inside our customer portal.”

What attracted you to join Team TelNet?

“I graduated from Oakland University with a degree in Computer Science with a focus on Cyber Security. I had worked at Bosch developing an internal customer portal and managing their billing system. I was looking for a position in a company with a smaller team where I could work with a similar code base. 

I like working within a small team because it provides more opportunities to learn and connect. You have constant communication with your co-workers and access to work directly with senior developers and provide a significant impact on productivity. 

I was attracted to TelNet Worldwide because I enjoy working with customer data, making nice user interfaces, and releasing new features that makes customers happy.”

Life is not all about work. Providing Quality of Life is a core value for Team TelNet. What activities do you do that improve your quality of life?

Rock climbing is my favorite way to stay active and burn off steam. I have been rock climbing for about three years. Most of the time, I do that at a great local climbing gym called Planet Rock. 

They have a location in Madison Heights, about three minutes from our office, so I often go on my way home from work. I go about three times a week. It’s excellent exercise and doesn’t feel like you are working out at all. Planet Rock has many different climbing activities, including top rope and bouldering. Bouldering is free climbing without a rope. But don’t worry. They have a really cushiony mat if you fall. 

Rock Climbing is something that anyone can do. If you can climb a ladder, you can go climbing. Everyone thinks you have to be super strong, but the spectrum of people there is vast. People of all ages go from middle age to kids. I see many parents there with their kids climbing at the same time.

When I have time to get off the beaten path and the weather is good, I love climbing at Grand Ledge. Grand Ledge is a city in Upper Michigan. The whole area is gorgeous, and there are a lot of different places to climb. There are beautiful views over the water as well. If rock climbing is not for you, you can take in the hiking trails around the area.”

Thanks to Lily for sharing some behind-the-scenes info on what kinds of work goes into our customer portal and her recommendation for a fun way to stay active during these winter months. We are more than cables, cords, and clouds. We believe in the power of connection. Get to know more about TelNet Worldwide and our work culture. But most of all, we’re proud of our work because, at the end of the day, we’re leaving the world a bit more connected than before.

Sam Price

Sam Price

Sam Price is TelNet's Manager of Product Development. He’s an avid strategist who is always striving to create and maintain a best in class product portfolio. Sam also manages TelNet’s Microsoft Teams product lines - Direct Routing, PBX integration, and Phone App! When he isn’t working, he’s likely outdoors hunting, fishing, kayaking, or walking his dog Bruce.

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