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Michigan Insurance and Financial Services - TelNet customer spotlight

MIAFS Soars to High-Flying Success

Bryan Ede is the visionary founder of Michigan Insurance and Financial Services (MIAFS). From its inception in 2010, Bryan has steered the firm to remarkable heights, creating one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Michigan and across the Midwest. 

In this TelNet Worldwide Customer Spotlight, we share Bryan’s journey, his approach to customer satisfaction and growth, his hobbies and passions, and how the long-standing relationship with TelNet Worldwide has helped MIAFS succeed.

Key Takeaways

  • Bryan Ede has led Michigan Insurance and Financial Services (MIAFS) to become one of the largest independent insurance agencies in Michigan and the Midwest.
  • MIAFS boasts an impressive 93% customer retention rate, emphasizing their commitment to exceptional customer service.
  • Bryan’s passion for flying extends to supporting animal rescue efforts by transporting rescued animals.
  • MIAFS’s partnership with TelNet Worldwide has provided them with flexible VoIP solutions, streamlined communication tools, and seamless connectivity across multiple locations.

Becoming an Insurance Industry Leader

Bryan has always had a passion to help. He is a former Detroit police officer who ventured into the insurance industry after leaving the police force. 

He began his insurance career as an agent at Allstate. After four years, his drive and leadership skills led him to found Michigan Insurance and Financial Services (MIAFS) in Utica, Michigan, starting in 2010 with just four employees. 

Fast forward to the present and MIAFS has grown exponentially, now boasting more than 70 employees who serve 20,000 households across Michigan.

“We’re one of the larger insurance firms in the state,” Bryan says proudly. “We specialize in property casualty insurance with a focus on personal lines — auto, home, that kind of stuff. We focus on helping those who help – police officers, firefighters, teachers.”

Growing Through Customer Satisfaction

MIAFS’s growth is impressive. More impressive is the agency’s outstanding customer satisfaction rating, boasting an impressive 93% customer retention rate. Bryan says that kind of loyalty is a testament to MIAFS’s commitment to customer service. 

“We have some of the best people in the industry,” Byan says. “We are crushing it new business wise and retention wise. We’ve got a good synergy here. People like working with us. We’re easy to do business with from a customer standpoint. We pride ourselves on providing great service.”

One of the people Bryan cites specifically for MIAFS’s growth is VP Mick McNeil, who joined MIAFS in 2015 after a successful career at Safeco Liberty. 

“Since Mick joined us, we’ve scaled four times in size,” says Bryan. 

Passions for Flying, Animal Rescue and Giving Back

Away from work, Bryan enjoys flying airplanes. He is an experienced pilot. 

His passion for flying started in the police force. “I was training to be on the police aviation team, flying helicopters. I loved it. The department sold the helicopters and disbanded aviation, so I stopped working toward my pilot’s license. But I started up again in 2013 and earned my license in 2016. To date, I’ve got approximately 500 hours of flight time,” he says.

He owns a Piper Cherokee 6 that he pilots for recreation, business and charity. Business-wise, he uses his flying skills to visit MIAFS locations across the Midwest. 

He also flies to support his passion for animal rescue. “I fly rescued animals around the Great Lakes area,” he explains. “I fly them either to their new home or pick them up from a bad situation.” The Dachshund Haus Rescue is an organization he regularly helps, as shown in this video.

MIAFS and Dachshund Haus Rescue on Fox 2 News.

How TelNet Worldwide Helps MIAFS Succeed

The relationship between MIAFS and TelNet Worldwide goes back to 2007. TelNet product manager Gary Ameye brought the two organizations together. Gary is a long-time MIAFS customer. He knew Bryan was in search of a new phone system. TelNet guided MIAFS’s transition to Voice over IP (VoIP). 

“VoIP was just starting, so it was still a pretty new concept,” says Bryan. “I had this old phone system with all these wires. It was terrible. With VoIP, the flexibility in being able to pick up a phone and move it without rewiring is great. It’s easy for us to scale and add new phones, too, because there’s no wiring, there’s no set up. Plus, there’s the ease of use and functionality between us and our other locations.”

Bryan commends the flexibility and scalability of TelNet’s solutions, allowing for easy expansion without the hassle of rewiring. The positive experience extends to support and customer account management, with rare outages and efficient problem resolution.

“We like the attention we get from TelNet,” says Bryan. “When we call support, we don’t get shuffled to a support desk overseas. Anytime I need something, it gets handled pretty quickly. It’s super easy.”

MIAFS has locations across the Midwest. Bryan likes that TelNet is able to seamlessly connect with a wide range of internet service providers across the region. 

We work with five different Internet providers throughout Michigan and Illinois,” Bryan says. “TelNet covers Northern Michigan, the Westside of Michigan, everywhere. Because of that, we’ve never had an issue with service.

“We like the attention we get from TelNet,” says Bryan. “When we call support, we don’t get shuffled to a support desk overseas. Anytime I need something, it gets handled pretty quickly. It’s super easy.”
Bryan Ede, MIAFS
Bryan Ede
MIAFS President and Founder

TelNet Digital Fax and Webex

MIAFS is an active user of TelNet digital fax and Webex for streamlined communication. 

The transition from paper faxes to electronic fax has enhanced convenience, while  Webex facilitates inter-office chat and meetings. The integration with their management system and the ease of use have contributed to a smooth operational experience.

“Digital fax has made things much easier. One benefit is we always have a stored copy of our faxes, which is huge in our business,” says Bryan.

MIAFS has used TelNet UC with Webex for three years now. 

“Webex is great. It allows us to do interoffice chat, which we use regularly. It’s awesome, especially with having some employees still working from home. Being able to communicate with those employees, to send files back and forth, to schedule meetings, is convenient,” Bryan says.

Looking to the Future and Beyond

Bryan Ede’s journey with Michigan Insurance is a testament to the power of organic growth, customer-centric values, and strong partnerships. MIAFS’s success story, coupled with Bryan’s unique interests and contributions, paints a picture of a company that not only excels in the insurance industry but also makes a positive impact on the community and beyond.

As MIAFS looks toward the future, Bryan says the company’s intent is to stay true to its roots and continue its trajectory. “We’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing,” he says.

Jerry Fraeyman

Jerry Fraeyman

Jerry Fraeyman is TelNet's marketing manager.

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