SIP vs. VoIP: What’s the Difference?

It’s no wonder so many people are confused by the language of the telecommunication industry. Communication solutions tend to integrate with each other, the acronyms are abundant, and many of us who are in the industry use these acronyms interchangeably. A great example of this is SIP vs. VoIP. Even though both solutions work together to achieve the connection your business deserves, there are some differences that we need to look into.

Let’s start off with the definition of each solution: 

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol telephony, which basically means that you can make and receive calls and multimedia through your internet subscription. 

VoIP stands for Voice Over internet Protocol. It is an umbrella term for any phone calls made over the Internet rather than the copper wires used by traditional analog phones. 

By looking at the definitions of both protocols, we can see that SIP falls under the VoIP umbrella. The difference is that VoIP only uses the internet to digitally transmit voice signals, whereas SIP transmits multimedia. Check out the chart below for more differences. 

voip versus sip

Think of VoIP and SIP as the Batman and Robin of cloud communications. Even though both protocols can strengthen your communication separately, it’s only when you pair them together that you find a true solution. Making the switch to SIP from traditional PRIs will allow you to see immediate cost savings, flexibility, security and state-of-the-art tools to increase productivity. 

So contact us today, and let the dynamic duo of cloud communications solve your problems. 

Darcy Dunham

Darcy Dunham

Darcy Dunham is a Content Creator and Social Media Manager for TelNet Worldwide. He has a passion for leadership development, diversity and inclusion, mentoring and football. When he is not out trying to change the world, you can catch him watching sports documentaries.

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