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Are you considering upgrading your TDM-PRI? Upgrading to a newer, modern phone system can bring many benefits, including cost savings and business efficiency. There are several popular digital solutions available to keep up with today’s ever-changing communication standards. But before we get into that, let’s dive into why you should even make the switch in the first place.

Benefits of Upgrading Your TDM-PRI

Cost Savings

Choose a solution that allows you individualize the quantity of calling channels, rather than being stuck with pre-packaged 23 lines with PRI. SIP allows you to pay only for the phone lines you need, which means you can be confident that you’re paying for only what you’re using.

Easier Installation

Manage all your lines effortlessly through the cloud. With TDM-PRI, there is a physical circuit installation. This can complicate turn up times, and push back timelines.


Installation woes can be a thing of the past. Whenever you have a new employee or move, IP-PRI allows service admins to easily add or modify a phone line on the spot.


Worried you’ll miss an important call or business because of a downed line? Upgrading your TDM-PRI allows you to have a failover solution for business continuity so your calls can be forwarded in case of an emergency or outage.

Less Hardware

Whether you want to maintain your current hardware or switch to virtual phones, any of the solutions below will be able to support the capability to have as much or as little hardware as you need.

Options for Upgrading Your PRI


IP-PRI is an IP-based, robust interface that allows modern telephone functionality without having to pay to upgrade your PBX. Unlike TDM-PRI (which only handles 23 concurrent calls), IP-PRI allows you to have as many phone lines as you’d like — all while keeping the network that your company relies on.

Installing IP-PRI is simple; we route traffic over your current internet service provider and terminate to our voice gateway on site. We are then able to give you the PRI handoff you need for your legacy PBX.

IP-PRI is ideal if you’re looking to keep an older PBX that cannot support SIP Trunking or if you’re not yet ready to invest in a newer PBX.


SIP stands for session initiation protocol — a signal protocol that carries voice and data. With SIP you make a call through a universal resource identifier or URI. The URI will identify the call to the other end. This is different from a traditional phone call where you dial a number to reach someone through the public switched telephone network (PTSN).

SIP Trunking utilizes an internet connection to allow voice and data to travel between two endpoints, which is known as ‘cloud calling’. This provides a connection between our session border controller and your phone system.

SIP is ideal for companies of all sizes — whether you need a simple configuration or complex routing and redundancy between multiple locations.

TDM-PRI to Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX serves all the functionality of an on-premise PBX virtually through the cloud. With TelNet Cloud PBX, you’ll be able to manage the phone system virtually, within our service management portal.

TelNet Cloud PBX uses an internet connection that supports the same physical network as your computers. Using the virtual management system, you can control and manage your lines. The advantage of Cloud PBX is that it’s less expensive to maintain than a more traditional PBX and has the flexibility to expand as the business grows.

Cloud PBX is ideal for businesses that are looking to keep their phones, PoE switches and ATAs.

Finding the Right Solution

We understand that updating your communication solution is a large (and often nerve-wracking) investment. With over 20 years of experience guiding our customers through digital transformations, we’ll be happy to help you make the switch.

To better understand what you need to maximize your communications efficiency, please feel free to Contact Us Today!

Lauren Bronston

Lauren Bronston

Lauren is a Content Writer and SEO Specialist for TelNet Worldwide. When she’s not diving into data centers or SIP Trunking, Lauren writes TV scripts and builds music playlists for fun.

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