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Your Phones Require An Upgrade due to FCC Regulation Changes

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What’s Happening

Your T1 circuits are leased from AT&T or Frontier and are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Since only 12% of active voice subscriptions are using this technology, the FCC is now allowing the phone companies in the US to shut down their copper networks.

The FCC says these lines are “prolonging dependence on outdated technologies and services and artificially delaying the migration to next-generation networks and services that benefit American consumers and businesses.”

What’s Next

You need to select a new service plan now so that your phone service continues without interruption. You can plan now to choose the right system for your business long-term and get additional features that meet today’s business needs.

What are the benefits of next-generation communication solutions?

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TelNet has been at the forefront of the industry for over 20 years. We are helping thousands of businesses across Michigan with this migration.

We will make navigating this change easy and answer all of your questions. You simply need to set up a time to speak with your account manager to do a quick assessment of your current business communication needs.

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The coronavirus pandemic forever altered how we work.
If the shift to remote work was particularly painful, it’s likely because your legacy communication systems weren’t flexible enough to meet your new needs.

Virtual meetings, unified communication platforms and remote collaboration are here to stay. Migrating your legacy PBX to the cloud is a project you can no longer ignore — or postpone. So let us help get you through the process.

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