Keep your business connected no matter where you’re working with UC-One

Staying productive while working remote is easy when you have your office at your fingertips.

Your business communications are about to get a lot simpler.

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Turn any device into your office.

With UC-One, you’ll be reachable from any device you choose. Keep your personal contact information private; calls to and from your business number will be directed to your laptop, desktop or mobile phone. Never miss a call again!

Put an end to email overload.

With UC-One’s instant messaging feature, your team can ditch the endless emails and share information, documents and ideas with ease. UC-One is ideal for both direct and group chatting. With quick and engaging conversations, you can get things done faster and say goodbye to a cluttered inbox!

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Move from the conference room to your living room.

Every UC-One user has their own private online meeting room where teams and individuals can participate in HD audio, video, messaging and screen sharing. Whether you’re in the office or halfway around the world, our “Room” feature assures you never miss an important meeting again.

Give your team the “space” they need.

Need a collaboration channel for you and your department? UC-One’s collaboration “Spaces” gives you a place to share projects, comments and content privately. Enjoy dedicated workspaces organized around the people and subjects that make the most sense for how you work.

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"Thanks to UC-One, I’m able to communicate with my team at any moment with my PC or cell phone no matter where I am. I can chat, share a screen and participate in video or audio conference calls effortlessly. It’s truly an innovation in business communication."

Jeff Potter, Account Sales Manager at TelNet Worldwide

See how UC-One can simplify your business communications.

TelNet Worldwide
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