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Additional productivity-enhancing tools available as standalone services or enhancement to your TelNet OfficeEdge solution.

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MyBill FAQs

How do I make a payment?
Make payments online through My Account:
  • Auto Pay (set it and forget it)
  • Pay by credit card or eCheck (like ACH / EFT)
Other options:
  • Pay by check by mail (please enclose remittance coupon)
  • Call customer care at 1.800.508.1254 to make a payment ($5 charge may apply if a care representative assists in taking your payment.)
How do I sign up for online billing?

Simply log on to My Account at My Account. (If you haven’t yet registered, click to register for a new account and create a user ID and password. You will need your account number from your invoice.)

After logging into your account:

  • Click on the Payment tab
  • Check the box marked Ebill


You’ll receive an email notification each month when your invoice is ready to view online. Then log in to My Account to view or download it any time.


Where do I Find all of my call details?

All call details are available to view and download online in My Account. Go to the Invoice tab and click on Usage. (Beginning with your May 2017 invoice, up to 50 call records per location will show on your bill.)

Did my account number change?

No. Your account number is 2-8 digits and it appears on most pages of your invoice (Remittance Section). NOTE: Your account number did NOT CHANGE with the new billing system. We removed extraneous descriptors and leading zeros so just the account number appears on your invoice. (e.g., old appearance CORP-001234, new appearance 1234).

What is the Paper Invoice Fee on my bill?

I noticed a $4.95 “Paper Invoice Fee” on my bill. What is this charge?

Customers choosing to receive a mailed paper statement are assessed a monthly Paper Invoice Fee, (currently $4.95/month).

To save money and time, switch to paperless online billing. Simply log in to My Account at, click on the Payment tab and check the box marked Ebill.


How are late payment charges assessed?

Late payment charges are applied to any past due balance. They are calculated as Past Due Balance X 1.5%.


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