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In the dynamic world of telecom, partnerships that prioritize support, service, and shared values can make a significant impact. The relationship between two like-named companies — TelNet Group (TNG) and TelNet Worldwide (TWW) — is a shining example.

Celebrating its 20th year in business, TNG was founded by telecom engineers Dan Warner and Jeff Roggin, both of whom were driven by a passion for customer satisfaction. In this article, we dive into TNG’s history, services, and the partnership between TelNet Group and TelNet Worldwide.

Key Takeaways

  • TelNet Group and TelNet Worldwide have a strong partnership focused on shared values, support, and customer satisfaction.
  • TelNet Group emphasizes customer support and satisfaction, empowering employees to exceed expectations.
  • TelNet Group specializes in VoIP business systems, serving small and medium-sized businesses in the finance, manufacturing, and government sectors.
  • TelNet Group relies on TelNet Worldwide SIP trunking to ensure clear and crisp voice quality for their clients.

TelNet Group: Focused on Satisfaction

TNG’s journey began two decades ago when Dan Warner and Jeff Roggin decided to venture into entrepreneurship with a singular focus on support and customer satisfaction. This commitment laid the foundation for a company that stands strong after two decades, emphasizing the enduring values that continue to guide them.

At the core of TNG’s success is a management philosophy that empowers every employee to go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations.

“Our partnership with TelNet Worldwide goes well beyond sales and support. We have forged a partnership that keeps client needs on the front burner. I feel like we're one big happy family.”
Dan Warner Headshot
Dan Warner
Founder, Telnet Group

Specializing in Finance, Manufacturing and Government

Specializing in premise-based VoIP business systems, TNG offers a comprehensive suite of services. From hosted VoIP services through TelNet Worldwide to video surveillance solutions and IP paging services, TNG caters to the diverse needs of its clients. This extensive portfolio reflects their dedication to meeting the evolving demands of the telecommunications landscape.

TNG primarily serves small and medium-sized businesses that value direct support. Their specialization extends to clients in the financial, manufacturing, and government sectors, showcasing a strategic approach tailored to specific industries.

SIP Trunking, VoIP, Hosted Solutions and More

MSP providers face numerous challenges, including the need to keep pace with rapidly evolving technology, cybersecurity threats, and managing client expectations. TNG stays on top with a future outlook that includes increased automation, data analytics, and a heightened focus on cybersecurity.

Among the services TelNet Group relies on TelNet Worldwide for is SIP trunking. 

“What we do would not work without TelNet Worldwide trunks. We’ve got a lot of PRIs with TelNet Worldwide, a lot of SIP trunks,” says Warner. “We have call center clients for whom trunks are vital. They have to work. They can’t miss any calls. The voice quality has to be clear, crisp. That’s where TelNet Worldwide comes in. TelNet Worldwide PRIs and SIP trunks are excellent quality.”

Two Companies Named TelNet with a Single Set of Shared Values

The partnership between TNG and TWW goes beyond a conventional business association.

“A couple of years ago, Mark Iannuzzi me with my partner and me and we had a really good brainstorming session where we talked about our differences, which are very few, and our similarities, which are many,” says TelNet Group founder Dan Warner.

“Now, we get together regularly to talk about new ways and new technology that we can develop for the betterment of our customers. Our partnership goes well beyond sales and support. We have forged a partnership that always keeps our clients’ needs on the front burner. I feel like we’re one big happy family.”

How TelNet Worldwide Helps

TNG acknowledges the invaluable services and solutions provided by TWW. The seamless collaboration ensures that when challenges arise, TWW’s support stands out among other technology partners.

Two recent clients the companies have collaborated on are the City of Grosse Pointe Farms (CoGPF) and Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church (CEPC) in Brighton, MI, which is Dan Warner’s home church.

“At my church, CPEC, we incorporated an onsite premise phone system to tie school, office, and remote ministers together. Our SIP trunk lines had to be tightly integrated into the system. We at TNG are best in class when it comes to premise systems and TWW has the SIP trunks that work best with needed integration to make it all come together.”

“As we, The TelNet Partner Companies, strive to meet the challenges of our client’s needs we find they cannot be fulfilled by either one of us on our own: The total solution requires services from both TWW and TNG.”

CoGPF needed our partner relationship:

  • TWW provided Hosted Cloud PBX Voice and Video Services
  • TNG provided a massive cable overhaul in their century old office building
  • In Concert together TWW & TNG Provided One Support Group for Project Management and ongoing Maintenance

“The biggest thing we like with TelNet Worldwide is the comprehensive relationship,” says Warner. “Our relationship works. Our TelNet Group engineers love working with TelNet Worldwide; they think highly of you.”

“In our business, it really comes down to support and service. It's the support from partners like TelNet Worldwide that really matters to managed services providers like us. That’s where TelNet Worldwide excels.”
Dan Warner Headshot
Dan Warner
Founder, Telnet Group
Jerry Fraeyman

Jerry Fraeyman

Jerry Fraeyman is TelNet's marketing manager.

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