Team TelNet Spotlight: Matt Hamblin

Matt Hamblin

In the Tech Trenches with TelNet Training Expert Matt Hamblin

As TelNet Worldwide’s Cloud Trainer, Matt Hamblin wears multiple hats. He not only imparts essential knowledge to customers but also collaborates with the Product, Sales and Customer Support teams to refine TelNet’s offerings and provide customers with the knowledge they need to succeed.

Matt’s Responsibilities and Duties: Customized Training for Connectivity

Matt’s primary responsibility is to train both new and existing customers on TelNet’s extensive range of products and services. His role extends beyond traditional training, as he actively contributes to the evolution of TelNet’s products, ensuring they align seamlessly with customer needs.

Customer-Centric Training Tailored for Customer Success

In the competitive telecom landscape, Matt’s approach stands out. By customizing training sessions to meet each customer’s unique requirements, he ensures that end-users can leverage TelNet’s offerings to their full potential. His commitment goes beyond the training room, providing additional resources for immediate assistance when recalling less-utilized functions.


Recent Accomplishments: Dynamic Emergency Calling

A feather in Matt’s cap and a testament to TelNet’s commitment to innovation is the recent introduction of Dynamic Emergency Calling. This enhancement ensures more accurate data during emergency calls, underlining TelNet’s dedication to both functionality and safety. Matt played a key role informing and training customers about Dynamic Emergency Calling.

Interactions and Challenges

While Matt’s days are filled with training sessions and product improvements, the best part of his job remains meeting new customers. Challenges persist, such as when creating training videos. Balancing technical information without overwhelming the viewer requires finesse, and Matt constantly refines his approach for a more effective learning experience.

Matt's Journey into Telecom

Matt’s entry into the telecommunications industry stems from his college days, where he pursued studies in Computer Science and Mathematics, setting the stage for a more technical career path.

His journey within TelNet is marked by hands-on experience. Starting in the Repair team equipped him with a deep understanding of TelNet’s products and customer systems. This unique blend positioned him as an ideal candidate to bridge the gap between technical intricacies and customer education.

TelNet and a Shift Towards Solutions

Initially eyeing an IT position aligning with his academic background, Matt found joy in solving reported issues. This shift led him to a role directly involved in enhancing available resources for TelNet’s products.

The TelNet Culture: A Workplace Like No Other

What sets TelNet apart for Matt is its vibrant culture. Collaboration and support among teams shine through, making every project a success and reflecting positively in customer interactions.

For Matt, joining TelNet’s FUN Team stands out as a proud accomplishment. Organizing events for staff contributes to the vibrant TelNet culture he experienced when joining, ensuring it persists for others.

Training Quirks and Laughter

In the fast-paced world of training, humor sometimes takes center stage. Matt recalls a question about the “long ‘U’ shaped piece” of a phone during a training session, turning out to be a playful attempt to ask about the handset. Laughter ensued, highlighting the human side of tech education.

Beyond the Tech: Matt Unplugged

Outside the tech realm, Matt’s life is enriched by his chocolate lab, Chip. Turning two soon, Chip is not just a pup but also an avid fetch player, bringing joy and smiles wherever he goes.

Matt also enjoys creating cooking videos, learning new languages, coding, and revisiting his love for Hardy Boy’s books. His diverse interests reflect a well-rounded personality.

In high school, Matt’s proudest moment involved being a four-sport athlete while maintaining an honor roll status. This foundational experience taught him to tackle challenges while achieving his goals.

A college venture running a burrito stand outside local bars turned into a cult phenomenon. Even years later, Matt’s comical remarks draw familiar faces, proving that unexpected ventures can leave lasting impacts.

Best Places in Michigan to Take Man’s Best Friend

Matt is an avid dog owner. His two-year-old brown lab is Chip. Matt says these are his (Chip’s) favorite places:
  1. Behnke Memorial Dog Park: Conveniently located and open year-round, this park is a daily stop for Matt and Chip.
  2. Orion Oaks: Weekends lead them to Orion Oaks, where a dog dock adds an extra layer of fun, albeit with caution for Chip’s boundless enthusiasm.
  3. River Bends: Access to the river provides a cool-down spot for Chip, who enjoys a good shake-off in the warmer months.
  4. Stony Creek: With a vast fenced-in area and scenic surroundings, Stony Creek offers both a great dog park and overall park experience.
  5. Exploration Everywhere: Matt and Chip are always on the lookout for new parks and dog-friendly spaces, building connections with customers along the way.

In the evolving landscape of telecommunications, Matt Hamblin’s role at TelNet Worldwide exemplifies the intersection of technical expertise, customer-focused training, and a vibrant workplace culture. As telecom technologies advance, professionals like Matt remain at the forefront, ensuring a seamless transition for both industry insiders and end-users alike.

Jerry Fraeyman

Jerry Fraeyman

Jerry Fraeyman is TelNet's marketing manager.

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