TelNet Worldwide HQ Relocating to Madison Heights


After 15 years in the city of Troy, Michigan, TelNet Worldwide will be moving to Madison Heights this month. The move heralds a turning point for the cloud communications company, which plans to expand their product and service portfolios as well as their internal team in the near future.

A Place to Call Our Own

The executive board had been looking for the perfect building for three years before one that “checked all the boxes” finally arrived. TelNet Worldwide’s President Mark Iannuzzi says the new space has “the room to welcome new team members and the opportunity to evolve.” 

The Madison Heights location not only fulfills all requirements, but is also geographically ideal according to TelNet Worldwide COO Rick Riordan

“If you look at a map of the Metro Detroit area and put a dot in the center,” Riordan explains, “that will be near the intersection of 696 and I75. This intersection divides the area into four quadrants, and is just 3 miles south of our new HQ.” 

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Another benefit of the new location is its size; it’s comparatively larger than the Troy location. All the extra space will host an employee lounge, a display area to showcase hardware and host demonstrations, a media room and even more collaboration spaces.

What’s in Store for the Future

For Riordan, who’s been with the company for more than a decade, the new space is a “fresh new atmosphere to officially kick off the new era of TelNet Worldwide.”

Vice President of Human Resources Carol Merritt agrees. “This is the move-in phase, first of many transformations which will take place in the coming years.”

So, what’s in store for these future phases? An outdoor space for barbecues and team gatherings, lunch-and-learns with the product team, on-site webinars and training, live video shoots with the marketing team… the list goes on. Iannuzzi is particularly excited about the potential for ”a multipurpose space for dodgeball!” 

Admittedly, the move is bittersweet for the company’s founder, as his Troy office was just “a staircase away” from his older brother, Frank, located a floor up at Iannuzzi Manetta. But he — and the rest of the company — are ready for what’s on the horizon. 

“We are signaling a new day, where our teams, customers and partners can gather, with a new season of inspiration and innovation on display,” said Iannuzzi. “But most of all, I’m looking forward to being together again, and regardless of where that happens to be, being together always helps bring out the best in each of us.” 

Want to say hello? TelNet Worldwide will be officially moved in on Thursday, May 28, 2020. Our new address is at 31700 Research Park Dr. Madison Heights, Michigan 48071.

Lauren Bronston

Lauren Bronston

Lauren is a Content Writer and SEO Specialist for TelNet Worldwide. When she’s not diving into data centers or SIP Trunking, Lauren writes TV scripts and builds music playlists for fun.

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