What is Unified Communications?

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Unified Communications (UC) is an evolving communication technology application that integrates calling, messaging and collaboration with all your coworkers from anywhere, with any device. Through unified communications, you’ll experience optimized business processes and enhanced workplace communications. By reducing latency and allowing workplace collaboration from anywhere, it’ll make your teams more efficient and productive. 

Benefits of Unified Communications

Improved Collaboration

With the rise of remote workers, just as much work is done outside the office as within. Being able to work as a team — even when members can’t physically meet — is crucial. Unified communication allows the same level of collaboration you’d experience in the office without the physical restraints. By integrating voice, file sharing, video and messaging into a single application, teams can connect from any device, wherever they are. 

Simple to Update

Most unified communications applications are cloud-based, so updates can be made easily at the push of a button. Platform maintenance and updates are done regularly — and conveniently — to improve user experience. 

Increased Productivity

Normally, trying to get a hold of an employee outside the office can be a huge time waster. You’re constantly leaving messages and sending emails, hoping they’ll eventually get back to you, to no avail. This situation causes unnecessary stress — especially when deadlines are fast approaching.

Having a unified communications system set in place speeds up productivity since you’ll be able to reach any employee using UC at any time.

Disaster Recovery

If your internet connection fails, you’ll still be able get your work calls by utilizing cellular data. In fact, all devices utilizing unified communications will receive business calls and messages.

To put this into perspective, when someone calls your business number, your desk phone will ring, your desktop will ring, and your mobile will ring (assuming you’ve downloaded both the mobile and desktop apps). So, if one of those goes down, there’s always another option.    


Traveling is a huge part of business in this global economy. Having access to your messages and calls while you’re out and about is a must. But you may not always have access to a computer. Having accessibility to your data and interacting with team members from a smartphone ensures you’re always able to get work done.

With unified communications, you’re not restricted to one device at a time, either. You share a video conference from your laptop and send emails from your phone all at the same time. If you’d like to know more about our unified communications app, please visit our UC-One page. 

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