Advanced Phones for Cloud PBX from TelNet Worldwide

Cloud PBX phones from TelNet Worldwide

Telecom is forever evolving. If you are a business-using consumer, it’s hard to stay up on all the changes. Not to worry. This article from TelNet is for you.

At TelNet, our telephone equipment has undergone significant transformation over the past year. We now offer latest-generation Yealink desk phones, conference phones and headsets. These devices are the hardware backbone of our Cloud PBX offering.

In this article, we describe the advanced features these phones offer and the benefits they provide to organizations of all sizes.

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Interested in Taking Advantage of the Newest Cloud PBX Phones? 

Yealink T54W Desk Phone

The Yealink T54W is TelNet’s most popular desk phone for our Cloud PBX phone system. The T54W offers a wide range of advanced features. The T54W is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to manage.

T54W Front 1

T54W Key User Features

Classic and Next Gen features including unlimited nationwide calling, voice mail, and all the common call control features you would expect:

  • Single button park and unpark allows users to place a call on public hold by pressing a button and then allowing the held call to be picked up by anyone else by pressing the same button on any other phone in your organization. This is a must-have capability for many customers with 25 or fewer phones. It allows you to use phones in a similar way that your old phone system worked.
  • The username and 10-digit phone number are displayed along the top banner of the phone.
  • Single-button access to network call history and the network directory, both of which are updated in real-time.
  • Multicast paging. This allows users to page to all phones within a building or to page users within predefined zones.
  • Common speed dial numbers for every phone. This is useful for security desks and other mission-critical phone numbers.
  • Expanded customization and flexibility. Numerous tags can be applied at the device level so that customer features can easily be added to one or hundreds of phones.
  • Busy Lamp Field provides ability to view status of numerous co-worker phones (idle, on active call, call ringing) and also provides way to easily transfer calls.
  • Glare reduction via the adjustable screen
  • Add-on capabilities for the T54W include:
    • Multiple wireless and wired headset options are available based on user preferences and needs
    • The Expansion Module provides more visibility of other users such as who is on an active call. It also allows easier pickup of calls, easier call transfer, and more
    • Pair cordless phone via USB DECT dongle. This shares the same phone number and gives you added mobility.  Easily “shift” an active call from desk phone to cordless phone

T54W Administrative Features

From an administrative standpoint, the T54W is much easier to manage. Management features include:

  • One-button access to IP addresses, firmware version, and more.
  • Zero-touch provisioning. Provisioning is automated, providing a consistent experience and plug-and-play devices.

T54W Add-Ons

The T54W is also easily expandable. This includes:

  • Call Recording to capture every conversation or simply record on demand. Recording softkeys on phone allow pause and resume as well
  • Receptionist App. This is a software version of the expansion module
  • Cloud Contact Center. If you’re looking for a better way to manage larger volumes of incoming calls
  • Webex Collaboration apps to support meetings, messaging and softphone calling. This supports a hybrid work environment.  Multiple packages are available to meet your needs and budget.

Additional Desk Phone Models Are Available

Additional desk phone models are available to meet needs and budget.
  • Yealink T57W – Premium desk phone with larger color touchscreen

T57W Left

  • Yealink T53W – Lower cost grayscale, button-based desk phone

T53W Right

  • Yealink T33G – Very basic, low cost, low use desk phone

T33 F 1


Yealink CP965 Conference Phone

When it comes to conference phones, TelNet’s best-in-class offering is the Yealink CP965. 

CP965 Right

Features include:

  • Designed for medium to large size conference rooms
  • Color touchscreen with access to company directory, call history and more
  • 10-way calling. Additional callers can be easily added to a meeting by dialing outbound or receiving inbound calls
  • Access optional meet-me conference bridge number with a single button press
  • Capability to pickup parked calls to resume a conversation in the conference room
  • Add-on wireless expansion microphones to increase pickup range for larger conference rooms

Yealink CP935W Wireless Conference Phone

TelNet also offers the Yealink CP935W wireless conference phone. 


Features include:

  • Designed for small to medium size conference rooms
  • Color touchscreen with access to company directory, call history and more
  • 5-way calling with ability to easily add additional callers to a meeting by dialing outbound or receiving inbound calls
  • Access optional meet-me conference bridge number with a single button press
  • Ability to pickup any parked calls to resume a conversation in a conference room
  • Easily connect via Wi-Fi and host meeting anywhere within building
  • Built-in rechargeable battery

Yealink W76P Cordless Phone

For the ultimate in mobility, TelNet offers the Yealink W76P Cordless Phone. 


Features include:

  • Added mobility, with a range up to 160 feet indoors and 980 feet outdoors
  • Includes its own phone number and can be shared between multiple users
  • Integrates seamlessly with other Cloud PBX devices and telephony features such as extension dialing, transfer, multicast paging and more
  • Connect up to 10 handsets per base station

Don't Cheat Yourself. Enjoy the Latest and Greatest Phone Technology.

Make your business run smoother and your life easier. Contact a TelNet telephone expert today.

Gary Ameye

Gary Ameye

Gary Ameye is a Product Manager at TelNet Worldwide.

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