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Chapter 5

The Case for the Cloud

You’ve seen how the foundation of legacy technology is crumbling. It’s costly, and it makes little sense in today’s hyper-connected world. But we’re not alarmists — there are actually more reasons for the cloud than against legacy systems. Let us show you:

Cost Savings

Switching to the cloud allows you to eliminate the requirement for outdated physical hardware, the need for extra IT resources and the cost of continuous maintenance. You can now reduce your IT budget, or redirect allocations toward research and development.

Constant Connectivity

With remote work becoming a staple of the modern business model, staying connected from anywhere, on any device, is vital. The capabilities of the cloud allow your teams to access everything they need — instant file sharing, business calls from mobile devices, group chats for lunch recommendations… It’s safe and reliable access from anywhere.

Faster Deployment

With legacy technology, it can take weeks, months or years to develop a strategy for communication infrastructure. And that’s not including implementation. With cloud communications, you simplify and expedite the deployment process.

Cloud systems can be implemented in days, with software updates pushed through automatically. The exhausting installation process is a thing of the past.

Unlimited Scalability

Corporate growth should be exciting, not something to stress over! If your company is expanding, your communication infrastructure needs to be flexible enough to evolve with it. Cloud communications systems allow you to add new phone lines easily because everything is customizable.

In most cases, you can just hop onto a user-friendly, web-based portal and change, update or add lines as you need them. There’s no need to deal with the hassle of calling a provider to make changes on your behalf or purchasing lines in fixed increments.

Simple and Clear Pricing

With legacy systems, add-ons and updates can result in the numbers on your invoice doubling. In order to support the latest features, you have to modify almost everything by adding hardware, software, licensing and on and on…

When you make the switch to cloud communications, all the features your business needs to stay up-to-date will be automatically integrated into the system. So ditch the confusing add-ons for simple and clear pricing.

As you can see, there are more than enough reasons for your business to adopt a cloud-based system today! So now what? Let’s get into your cloud migration options in the next chapter.

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