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Chapter 6

Pick Your Path

Obviously, moving your voice infrastructure from copper to the cloud is a good investment. But what does this actually look like in practice? The reality is that the transition to the cloud won’t look the same for every organization. There’s more than one solution to your legacy woes, depending on your level of commitment. Let’s get into some of the most popular options:

TelNet UC with Cisco Webex

Need one secure place to call, message, meet and get work done?

If your organization places a high value on virtual meetings, leveraging a solution like Webex is probably your best bet. Cisco is the market leader in virtual conferencing, and they’ve gone to great lengths to develop this platform into an industry-leading, enterprise-grade tool.

Our UC solution with Cisco Webex brings together TelNet’s trusted calling service and Webex’s meeting and messaging capabilities for the ultimate, all-in-one communication application. Empower your teams to work from anywhere, on any device, without missing a beat.

After all, the secret to achieving the best business outcomes is an engaged and collaborative workforce.

Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

Already a Microsoft 365 subscriber or Teams user?

Looking to make the most of your Microsoft investment? We’ve got great news! There’s an add-on solution that allows you to enable inbound and outbound PSTN calling within the Teams platform. It’s called Direct Routing. Get all the features of a Cloud PBX with the all-in-one convenience of Microsoft Teams.

Direct Routing enables the kind of full-feature calling you’d expect from a Cloud PBX: transfers, music on hold, parking, voicemail, conference calling, call routing and more. And because it’s fully integrated with Microsoft 365, adding voice to Teams creates a single hub for teamwork where you can chat, meet, call and collaborate all in one place.

It’s basically the perfect way to move all your voice functions to the cloud and enhance your favorite collaboration platform!

Cloud PBX

Ready to make the switch to the cloud entirely?

You’re completely ready to put legacy technology behind you and let go of the uncertainties and expenses that come with on-prem hardware. Great! Welcome to the Cloud PBX and hassle-free voice service.

When you opt for a hosted solution like TelNet Cloud PBX, you don’t have to put up a large capital investment in easily outdated equipment; you save up front, and every step of the way. Retiring your legacy PBX means handing over upkeep, support and maintenance to us. You’ll actually be able to direct your IT resources toward more worthy endeavors, rather than routine feature upgrades, moves and changes.

With a Cloud PBX, you’ll also experience the benefits of advanced features (like simultaneous ring, call forwarding and auto attendant), unified communications (get chatting, calling, meeting and collaborating all within the same application), and business continuity.


Want to keep your existing PBX but upgrade to cloud calling?

You know you need to make a change, but you’re hesitant to throw away the investment you’ve already made in your PBX. No problem! You don’t need to purchase new hardware or throw away what you already have. Think of IP-PRI as the more efficient version of your TDM-PRI.

An IP-PRI builds on your existing PBX investment and leverages your current PRI-capable equipment for a cost effective VoIP solution. We simply power PRI connections through your internet connection to optimize the bandwidth you already use. And with a pay-per-path model, this voice solution offers significant cost savings and effortless scalability. It’s both affordable and flexible.

With IP-PRI, you get high-quality, reliable voice service with every call. It’s the perfect starter solution for modernizing your legacy system and getting your toes wet in the digital world.

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Is Office Right for You?

Office is a calling-only package that provides HD voice on IP-enabled desk or conference phones. Office is intended for organizations who don’t use our collaboration software or perhaps use another collaboration platform and want to add voice.

Is Mobile Right for You?

Mobile is for organizations whose employees are on the move and do not need a chat platform or to host meetings. The package provides mobile calling. If softphone calling capabilities are all that is needed, our mobile package is your ideal solution.

Is Meetings Right for You?

Meetings is intended for organizations who are totally replacing an existing collaboration platform or adopting their first platform. Meetings includes calling features plus Webex, which is a full-featured collaboration suite that includes many remote and hybrid work functions.

Is Premium Meetings Right for You?

Similar to Meetings, Premium Meetings is intended for organizations replacing or adopting their first collaboration platform. Premium adds enhanced Webex features, including presenter controls and higher participant counts, making it ideal for bigger organizations who host large webinars or meetings.