Death of the Fax Machine:
The Value of Digital Fax Solutions


The fax machine: a staple in offices since the 1980s, now considered a relic from a less efficient era. Traditional fax machines use paper and ink to spit out a hard copy of a file sent from location A to location B. But as with the rest of the world, fax is going digital.

Digital faxing exchanges paperless fax messages without using traditional fax machines and devices. Often referred to as e-faxing, users exchange electronic faxes through email or desktop applications. TelNet offers a digital faxing solution for your business that is HIPAA-compliant, secure and easily accessible through any internet-connected device. 

But is moving from traditional fax methods to digital faxing that helpful for your business? Let’s find out. 

Easy Peasy

With digital fax, you do not need to install software or clunky hardware. A separate fax line is not needed, and your exasperation from wrestling with equipment to unhinge those pesky paper jams is a thing of the past. 

easy peasy

With an internet-based fax service, you can easily send and receive faxes from anywhere on the globe. If you have access to a browser, you have access to your faxes. With the web-based portal, you can view faxes, search through faxing history and manage your settings from any device. And with the fax-to-email capability, you can receive faxes directly to your inbox. 

Digital fax works in a way that’s intuitive for users familiar with email and the web. And now with the integration of mobile apps, you can easily send, sign and/or receive important documents from a smartphone. 

Faxing for the Future 

Digital faxing isn’t just convenient; it’s a greener alternative to traditional methods. Using an internet-based system severely reduces the use of paper and ink. Storing faxes electronically eliminates the need to print out a copy for future records. Creating less office waste should be a priority for all companies as the average office worker in the U.S. uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year, and 45 percent of that paper ends up in the bin. 

faxing for the future

Paper isn’t the only speed bump on the road to sustainability. Ink cartridges dispense several negative effects. Throwing an old toner or ink cartridge away can pollute waterways and soil with heavy metals. Approximately 375 million empty toner and ink cartridges are discarded every year ending up in landfills, where it will take a quick 1,000 years to decompose. 

Another negative impact of those print cartridges is the manufacturing. Just one cartridge emits over 4.8 kilograms of CO2 greenhouse gases. Why not save the planet? Use digital faxing for your business. 


Office equipment takes up space. With many of us now working from home, a fax machine using up precious desk or counter space isn’t desirable. Especially for those minimalist office vibes. Enter the digital fax. When using a web-based portal, all you need is an internet connection and computer, tablet or phone. No need for desk or counter space occupied by an outdated machine. A major convenience for remote work spaces!

digital fax

Plus, a digital fax solution is easier to scale. From independent contractors to small, medium and large businesses. Many web-based fax solutions offer limitless quantities with the number of faxes you can send or receive associated with the service. Digital fax also makes it easy to add a new member of your team and eliminates the hassle of purchasing and setting up new equipment. 

Dollar, Dollar Bills 

Many businesses are finding that a digital fax solution is far more cost-effective than buying and maintaining a company fax and its associated phone line. Traditional office copy/fax machines average $2,500 out the door with premium machines reaching upwards of $15,000. Add in the $15 – $25 monthly per fax line and costs for occasional maintenance. Plus, don’t forget the hundreds of dollars per month in toner and paper. In total you’re looking at high operational costs for minimal operational output. Digital faxing eliminates these upfront and recurring costs.  Ready to recycle that clunky office fax collecting dust? Try TelNet’s digital fax solution for $7.95 per user per month. 

Safe and Secure 

Traditional methods send faxes into the ether and anyone can be waiting on the other end. Fellow coworkers could scoop up your documents from the machine while waiting for their own. If they get ahold of information intended for specific personnel, you have a massive security issue. Digital faxing allows you to send faxes without worrying about third-party interceptions. With TelNet, all documents are encrypted during transmission, ensuring no sensitive information can be accessed by unauthorized parties. 

safe and secure

Secure document delivery that meets the requirements of HIPAA, PCI, DSS and SOC and includes audit trails and intrusion detection. Create peace of mind by eliminating the unwanted risks of misplaced or misfiled paper faxes. 

Fax It to Me

Paper-based fax solutions produce poor quality outputs and create inefficient flows of information that slow business progress. Outdated practices can lead to a loss of competitiveness and revenue. Digital fax software can help improve a business’s operational performance through quick and secure information sharing, scalability, cost benefits and convenience. 

Using digital fax means saying goodbye to multiple phone lines and an abundant number of devices. Digital fax uses “single number reach” or (SNR) this means a digital fax line can be enabled on the same telephone as you take and make phone calls. Make and receive calls, messages, and faxes from one line. Less confusion. Less hassle, just simple business solutions.

If you have a computer and a smartphone, you’re all set. TelNet will issue you your own fax number to send and receive faxes and get you set up in our web-based portal. Contact us to get started on your digital fax journey. Just please don’t send us a paper fax…

Meaghin Hornsby

Meaghin Hornsby

Meaghin Hornsby is TelNet's in-house content writer. She is an avid believer in proper grammar and writing for quality over quantity. When not researching or writing, Meaghin is an outdoor enthusiast. Find her mountain biking, hiking in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, or kayaking one of the Mitten state’s many lakes.

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