Losing the Battle to Hybrid Work? 4 Reasons to Talk UC with Your Communication Service Provider

losing the battle to hybrid work

Odds are you’ve worn sweatpants to work more in the last two years than you have your entire career. Now that work is almost strictly a thing you do, rather than a place you go, business technology requirements are on a whole new terrain. Never before have we had to keep our teams connected, communicating and collaborating through remote and hybrid work.

Right now, the biggest demand from the workforce is flexibility. Employees want to be able to work where they want, when they want and how they want. If you’re like most small business leaders, you’ve been trying to figure out how to transform your company from analog to digital in order to meet these needs. (And you probably don’t have the staff, time or expertise to undertake this effort yourself.) 

That’s where a trusted cloud communications provider comes in! You need a digital transformation guide who understands your pain points, knows what you need and can simplify the process. 

We Know The Struggle

As a small business leader, you’re juggling a dozen different priorities right now: You’re worried about enabling your remote, mobile and hybrid teams with less (and easier-to-use) tools; minimizing costs and infrastructure requirements; and — oh yeah — finding a way to maintain your brand’s authority and professionalism while everyone’s in sweatpants at home.

we know the struggle

Backed by a robust IT team, most enterprises were able to make the shift to remote relatively easily. But how can you be expected to compete with the kinds of big businesses that have the resources to launch new technologies at a moment’s notice? How can you make hybrid work effective in your organization?

Allow us to introduce you to unified communications (UC). These cloud-based solutions combine messaging, meeting and calling capabilities into a single application (like Microsoft Teams or Webex), allowing your teams to connect from anywhere on any device.

Why You Need Unified Communications

Revenue growth is the top priority for small businesses in the next 12 months. A UC solution can minimize risk, reduce complexity, save money and improve productivity — all of which help drive revenue. 

why you need uc

While the right UC platform can enhance agility and flexibility while simultaneously reducing administration and maintenance, the wrong one can have the opposite effect. Not only will it hinder all of those revenue drivers, it will also hurt your business reputation and frustrate your employees. 

In other words, you can’t afford to pick the wrong platform. And you can’t afford to keep things as they are if they’re not optimizing your business today. It’s time to call your service provider

4 Reasons to Call Your Communications Service Provider Today

1. Your Teams Need to Stay Productive

Keeping your teams productive is critical to staying competitive. And now that remote and hybrid work are so popular, you need to be able to do it from anywhere. UC tools give your employees a single application that they can use on any device for all of their communication needs, from calling and chatting to meeting and collaborating.

2. Intuitive Tools Are Required 

Whether you’re working with digital natives or the less-than-tech-savvy, your tool of choice needs to work for everyone. Before making the decision, you need to do research about the user experience and find out how intuitive the user interface is. Ease of use is critical in driving employee satisfaction and productivity. Plus, it’s proven that higher efficiency results in accelerated time-to-market and improved customer relationships. 

3. Security Is Nonnegotiable 

Regardless of the size of your company, no one can afford a security breach these days. Whether you’re handling customer data, patient records, or proprietary information, you need to keep them from falling into the wrong hands. Keep your content and conversations safe with advanced security and compliance features. (This is especially important with hybrid work and remote access.)

4. You Demand Simplicity 

Business leaders have enough on their plate without having to worry about complicated tools, a web of vendors or complex billing systems. With a UC solution, you work with a single provider for calling handling and collaboration services. Billing is consolidated and transparent, with easy to understand per-user, per-month pricing (and no upfront equipment costs). The best part? You’ve got centralized customer support and personalized assistance so you don’t have to deal with multiple providers pointing fingers at each other with no resolution in sight. 

Why TelNet 

Just as important as choosing the right tool is picking the right partner. You need to make sure that your communication service provider can meet all of your business needs. 

why telnet

We’ve been a Michigan-based voice provider for over 20 years, guiding thousands of businesses through their digital transformation along the way. At TelNet Worldwide, we pride ourselves on robust networks, quality products and top-notch service. Our on-shore, in-house customer support team is here to help 24/7/365 for the best possible experience. 

We think that too many businesses struggle with communication technology that’s ineffective and frustrating. And we really don’t think you should be one of them. 

Let’s Get Started 

UC levels the playing field for SMBs by giving you access to the same technology larger competitors have. Cloud-based applications create more opportunities for you to grow your business, become more digitally relevant and adapt to market changes more quickly. 
And we can help with all of that. So give us a call today.

Katie Dudlets

Katie Dudlets

Katie Dudlets serves as TelNet’s Marketing Manager and Chief Storyteller. A whiteboard enthusiast and compulsive book collector, she can usually be found expounding on the advantages of corporate storytelling. When not at her desk, you’ll probably find her admiring the artistry of a well-crafted taco, petting a dog or zipping around Lake St. Clair on her jet ski.

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