5 Awesome Benefits of SIP Trunking For Your Business

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According to a 2018 study, 77% of companies have a portion of their computing infrastructure in the cloud. More companies are relying on cloud-based applications than ever before. If you’re looking to increase revenue and upgrade your voice solution, consider these SIP Trunking benefits.

5 SIP Trunking Benefits

1. Turn Long Distance Calls into Local Calls 

With SIP Trunking, you can connect to any office no matter where it’s located — resulting in a network that allows office-to-office calling and reducing the expense of long distance calls.

But how does it work? Well, a SIP trunk is connected to the organization’s phone system. If SIP Trunking service is provided to a PBX in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and that same business has the same phone system in Orlando, Florida, then any call between the two never leaves the network — meaning it costs nothing.

2. On-Demand Scalability 

Because SIP Trunking only needs an internet connection to be enabled, the frustrations of relocating your voice service are eliminated. Add and manage SIP lines seamlessly through our  web-based portal that’s simple enough for anyone to use. 

3. Reduce Monthly Costs 

Studies have shown that companies who switch to SIP save an average 50 percent each month. With SIP Trunking, your traditional phone lines, voice networks and internet are combined to provide one predictable monthly cost — rather than the complexity of paying for all services separately with the additional tax expense. 

4. Unparalleled Reliability 

Unlike POTS or PRIs, SIP trunking doesn’t rely on physical hardware in a central office which is often neglected and rarely maintained. Instead, TelNet SIP trunking lives in our geo-redundant, secure data centers.

5. Unified Communications

With SIP Trunking, you can enable unified communications with our Webex app. Webex was created to streamline workplace collaboration to help increase productivity and efficiency for businesses around the world. 

Plus, with Webex you’re able to dial an extension between platforms. Let’s say you’re a current SIP customer and decide to open a new, smaller location in another city. You’re not ready to purchase another phone system yet, because that location is still pretty small. But you need to be able to reach your employees at your new location. With our UC app as an extension of the PBX, you’re able to reach your employees and extension dial between offices. This is known as a “local dial plan.” 

Make the Change to SIP Trunking 

By leveraging its many business benefits — from cost and reliability to functionality and scalability — SIP allows your business to communicate effectively and efficiently in today’s cloud-based marketplace. If you are interested in learning more information about SIP, Contact Us Today! 

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Darcy Dunham

Darcy Dunham

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