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Many businesses across the country are being impacted by the discontinuation of copper networks at phone companies. If your business is one of them, you may have questions about your phone service, given the changes in the marketplace.

The copper wire networks that span the country are outdated, and investment is being directed toward fiber, broadband and wireless networks instead. These options offer greater bandwidth and versatility, supporting more applications such as VoIP

Our team has been working with customers helping to migrate their services off copper lines. Many of the same questions arise repeatedly, so we thought we would share these FAQs more broadly to help others facing the same transition.

Why did the FCC make this change? 

The FCC is allowing phone companies in the US to start shutting down their copper networks because only 12% of active voice subscriptions use this technology.

You can read the press release from the FCC here. It says these lines are “prolonging dependence on outdated technologies and services and artificially delaying the migration to next-generation networks and services that benefit American consumers and businesses.”

Can I stay as a T1 customer and do nothing as long as I pay increased monthly rates?  When will my service no longer be available?

No, you cannot stay on a T1 Line. These are end-of-life services that will be sunset. The networks supporting T1s are being decommissioned and will no longer be available. The timeline for each network varies depending on location, phone carrier and type of connection.

All TelNet customers on T1 service have already been notified that their T1 service is being discontinued and the deadline for their specific type of service, and we currently are helping migrate customers. 

We have ensured that our customers have replacement solutions available so they will not be without service. We are talking with each customer to ensure proper compatibility at each location and working to get everyone scheduled for migration before the deadlines. 

Can’t phone service providers like TelNet just switch my service on the provider end?

TelNet customers do have to confirm the switch to a cloud-based system, especially since we may need to access your business location. 

In most cases, we can provide a solution fully compatible with your current service, but many customers opt to add new features and functionality to match their current needs. Either way, on the technical side, our team must ensure your type of broadband connectivity and come to your location to change your connection. 

Your account manager can do a quick assessment and answer any additional questions you have, and get you scheduled.

Will I have to change my phone numbers?

No, you will not. Your current phone numbers can be used with your new service.

How much “downtime” is involved in the change to new services?

At TelNet, we have processes built around minimizing disruption and system downtime. We refer to time downtime as a ‘blip’. It can be done in just a few minutes, so your business doesn’t have to suffer from the change. 

If I am already a TelNet customer in a contract and want to switch to another TelNet cloud-based service, will there be any penalty?

There is no penalty for this type of contractual change. We have some solutions that allow customers to stay on their existing contract. Still, many are choosing to upgrade their system for better features and functionality to match hybrid work solutions. For those, you will sign a new contract for the new service.

If I start using my own bandwidth for the voice lines – how much bandwidth will it require?

The answer varies depending on the type of solution you choose and your internal needs. Typically a normal voice call uses 85-100 Kbps of bandwidth (1/10th mb). 

This would apply to SIP Trunking, IP-PRI, Direct Routing, and voice-only Cloud PBX (with no additional collaboration tools). 

If you’re on a video conference call and screen sharing, your bandwidth utilization would increase. Bandwidth utilization can drastically vary depending on which applications are being used at one time.

We are committed to helping businesses navigate through the digital transformation to a cloud-based system with as little disruption as possible. 

Our dedicated team of migration specialists will work to protect you from service interruptions and increasing prices during this last service period of T1 service.

We have replacement solutions that are, in most cases, fully compatible with your current equipment, service, and even your monthly rate. We can also help you learn how to leverage more features and functionality to modernize your company communications systems.

Set up a time to speak with a TelNet Customer Account Manager for a quick assessment.

Sam Price

Sam Price

Sam Price is TelNet's Manager of Product Development. He’s an avid strategist who is always striving to create and maintain a best in class product portfolio. Sam also manages TelNet’s Microsoft Teams product lines - Direct Routing, PBX integration, and Phone App! When he isn’t working, he’s likely outdoors hunting, fishing, kayaking, or walking his dog Bruce.

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