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There are so many advantages that have emerged from the proliferation of digital technology: flexibility, productivity, accessibility, connectivity, automation, integration, opportunity… just to name a few. But unfortunately that thin line between work and life has virtually dissolved and personal privacy is becoming rare.

Whether it’s your boss texting you after hours or clients calling in the middle of dinner, that line is blurring more and more every day. 

What if you didn’t have to give out your personal contact information anymore? What if you could protect that boundary? What if you could take back control of your non-working hours and assert your personal freedom? 

With the emergence of UCaaS applications, you can do just that.  

A Growing Reliance on Mobile Devices 

Studies show that more than half of us use our smartphone as our primary device for work. And why wouldn’t we? They’re always on us and they transition seamlessly between personal and professional use. 

But like we said earlier, this ease of use has only made it easier for work to intrude on our personal lives. The reality is, we’re away from our desks about 60 percent of the workday. And it’s no surprise when you consider how often you’re in meetings or on the go. But when you make a business call from your personal device, you’re essentially handing someone an invitation to call or text you at any time they please.

Your desk phone may stay in the office, but your cell phone sure doesn’t. It comes home with you, and so do your professional responsibilities if you’re not careful. 

Protect Your Personal Privacy 

So how can you reestablish that personal-professional boundary? It’s simple. With a UCaaS platform like Webex or Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing, you can maintain your professional image while protecting your personal life. How? These mobile applications allow you to make and receive business calls to your cell phone, as if they were being made and received on your desk phone. Your business number is carried across all of your devices, so no one ever has to know your personal digits ever again. 

As long as you are making calls from within the application, no one will even know you’re not at your desk.

Placing an Audio Call is Easy 

Making a call within a UCaaS app is as intuitive as it is on your device. From the navigation menu, the phone icon and enter the number you intend to call.

You can also call a coworker with the click of a button through your contact list. Just locate Contacts in your navigation menu and search the name of the colleague you want to contact. Select their contact information and call them with the click of a button.

And if you’ve been messaging back and forth with a coworker, but your message is getting lost in translation, it’s easy to switch over to a voice call. Just click the phone icon at the top of the screen. 

We’ve all felt the lack of privacy as work encroaches more and more on our personal lives. And with today’s ultra-connected, digitally-reliant world, it’s only going to get worse — unless we do something about it. 

Keep your private contact information private. Protect your work-life boundary. Take back control of your non-working hours. You can be a modern worker with a personal life again. Trust us. Try a UCaaS platform today.

Katie Dudlets

Katie Dudlets

Katie Dudlets serves as TelNet’s Marketing Manager and Chief Storyteller. A whiteboard enthusiast and compulsive book collector, she can usually be found expounding on the advantages of corporate storytelling. When not at her desk, you’ll probably find her admiring the artistry of a well-crafted taco, petting a dog or zipping around Lake St. Clair on her jet ski.

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