3 Reasons Your Remote Team Will Love Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams

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Even before working from home became the modus operandi of the COVID era, a growing number of organizations were moving toward more flexible working arrangements with employees. When you’ve got sales agents on the road, executives traveling for speaking engagements and the majority of employees working from the comfort of their couches, a digital collaboration tool is imperative.

Whether you were already experimenting with a remote workforce or were pushed off the deep end during the pandemic, you’ve probably considered the benefits of Microsoft Teams. Without question, it’s a great tool for keeping your geographically dispersed teams connected. But the tool can be enhanced to make it even more functional.

With Direct Routing, you can build off the benefits you’re already getting with Teams. And your remote teams will love you for it. 

Empower Remote Teams 

Direct Routing is a communication service that allows Teams users to connect to the Public Switched Telephone Network, or PSTN. Essentially, it allows Teams to serve as your business phone system, or PBX, so that you never have to worry about being away from your desk phone. 

The benefits of Direct Routing at the organizational level are obvious: greater flexibility, higher productivity and more cost savings. But the impacts on individual employees are often lost in the midst of cost comparisons and system migrations. So let’s get into those. 

Effortless Calling

Teams comes preloaded with a variety of communication functionality: chatting, conferencing and collaborating. But what it doesn’t bring to the party is PSTN calling — which is of the utmost importance for the modern professional. When’s the last time you were able to make it through the work day without a single phone call? Even if you managed to go an entire eight hours without talking to a client or vendor, you probably called that local taco joint down the street to order takeout for lunch. 

All of those calls require a PSTN connection. Any call that requires you to connect with someone from outside of your organization requires a PSTN connection. And that’s where Direct Routing comes in. Direct Routing puts the power to make and receive business calls in the palm of your hand. 

There’s no need to jump from one application to another. Just open the app, punch in the digits or click on a contact, and you’re ready to go. 

Constant Access 

Mobility is built into the digital fabric of Teams, and Direct Routing only amplifies this flexibility. We already discussed how Direct Routing enables Teams users to make and receive calls from within the application. But what does that mean in practice? 

It seems silly to imagine unplugging your deskphone, throwing the ethernet cable over your shoulder and taking it with you wherever you go. It’s just not a feasible solution. Microsoft Teams, on the other hand, makes all the sense in the world. Because it’s an application that works on all devices — from desktops and tablets to cell phones and laptops — you carry its communication power with you at all times. This means constant access to your business phone, whether you’re at a coffee shop, visiting a customer’s storefront or simply sitting at home. 

No matter where you’re working or what device you’re on, you can access all of your communication needs in one place. You’re no longer chained to that clunky desk phone, or to your office. You can connect from anywhere. 

Guaranteed Privacy 

“But I have a cell phone that works perfectly fine, so I don’t need Direct Routing.” Sure, I get it. That little device you carry around 24/7 works perfectly fine as a phone. That’s what it was built to do before all of those social apps came along, right? 

But your cell phone and your desk phone do not share the same number. If you’re on the go, and a client calls the number on your business card, they’re going to go to voicemail on your deskphone, not straight to your mobile device. Missing calls isn’t good for business. Of course, you could give out your private number, but then it’s not really private, is it? 

Direct Routing connects your business number to Microsoft Teams, so as long as you have the app downloaded onto your cell phone (or any other mobile device), it’ll ring. With the lines between personal and professional disintegrating more and more by the day, Direct Routing allows you to reclaim a little bit of your privacy. Keep your cell phone number dedicated to friends and family and maintain professionalism with your business contacts. 

Unleash Remote Productivity

Modern workers don’t want to be shackled to their desks, so set them free with the proper digital tools. If you want to maximize efficiency and productivity, there’s no better solution than Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams. Your organization and your people will reap the benefits. 

Looking for even more information on how Direct Routing can impact your organization? Check out our Complete Guide to Direct Routing today! 

Katie Dudlets

Katie Dudlets

Katie Dudlets serves as TelNet’s Marketing Manager and Chief Storyteller. A whiteboard enthusiast and compulsive book collector, she can usually be found expounding on the advantages of corporate storytelling. When not at her desk, you’ll probably find her admiring the artistry of a well-crafted taco, petting a dog or zipping around Lake St. Clair on her jet ski.

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